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  1. It would cost u nothing if we tanked properly instead of moral wins like fans were cheering for smfh....
  2. Respect da man. Hang his jersey up in the rafters!!
  3. He'd prob make the canucks right after the draft
  4. "Fun, like playing time, is earned." and you? Theres really no point in arguing further cuz this will be a circle.
  5. Watch out of spite he signs league min elsewhere (but he deserves more than league min)
  6. It doesnt matter because Benning will always outbid everyone 6x6 with a full NMC LFG!!!
  7. I think an ELITE 2nd line center would be like ROR or Patrice Bergeron. Ideally a #1 is like Mackinnon tbh. But we know this roster is impossible Just let me dream LMAO
  8. Bo Horvat would be an ELITE 3rd line center tbh Imagine a team having a center depth of Mackinnon as #1 ROR as #2 Horvat as #3
  9. 3 years is perfect for Hughes. Doesnt walk him to UFA. If u do 4 = UFA
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