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  1. TIME FOR HIM TO GET READY TO PLAY. 19 games in 30 days LEGGO!!! (prob gets like 3-4 games maybe) p.s. im on TEAM TANK
  2. You know.. IM EXCITED TO SEE DIPIETRO PLAY. Theres no fking way Holtby and Demko can play that many games in such a short span. Maybe Dipietro can get in 2-3 games in.
  3. Benning is getting paid MILLIONS to take BABY STEPS!! WOW!!!!!
  4. Would u protect Lind/Gadj over Gaud? Thats something I would consider
  5. HORRIBLE DEAL. PLZ GET RID OF BENNING... The guy seems to do pretty good contracts for young players but when someone is older, benning like inflates their value by 200%....
  6. Oh wow I didnt realize Bailey was pretty young. I thought he would be like 28 :O
  7. Yea, we not getting him from waiver wire. Aren't we at the bottom because we claimed vesey and boyd and once u claim once you go back to the bottom?
  8. The one time I agree with this guy. I wouldnt pay Pearson more than 3M.
  9. Takes time to get used to the AHL. Look at Jonah and Lind
  10. Man the 2022 and 2023 draft excite me way more than this draft... 2022 = Shane wright, Brad Lambert, Matthew Savoie 2023 = Connor Bedward & Matevi michkov.
  11. Ehhhhh will the coach Travis Green still be here?
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