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  1. Alright y'all one of u wanted me to ask petey about losing to the wild. Instead, i asked gaud cuz he was streaming 


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    2. luckylager


      Gaudette plays to win.

      I think people who weren't good enough at sports to play in higher tier/competitive leagues don't understand why the concept of tanking is so &^@#ing gross.

      It's not even about the fans who have been around since forever, it's about sportsmanship, dedication and truly loving the sport.


      "Get out there and play to lose" said no coach ever.

    3. DontMessMe


      @luckylager Buffalo sabres. They tanked for Mcdavid but got Eichel. When the goalie was performing GM traded them. But I guess our case is different

    4. chon derry

      chon derry

      exactly @luckylager my short jr .b    sr.a  there was only 1 game I was absolutely scared sh.. less  to play   Quesnel kangaroos and all 3 gasoff brothers , other than that you suited up with the lets kick some a$$ frame of mind.

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