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  1. Im surprised by his Liiga production.
  2. LMAO. No team would offer u a 2nd. His value is at its absolute lowest. Hes worth like a 5th/6th rounder at most and he needs waivers.. If a team offers u a 2nd, u wouldn't consider.. U would DIAL THE NHL TO CONFIRM THE TRADE.
  3. Shouldn't have re-signed him sighh. And aqua man wont be happy to pay someone to sit at home to do nothing
  4. Screw Zach Macewan and all the other plugs
  6. Its contract year for our KING LOUI ERIKSON He wants that 8 x 8 (Inflation from the 6x6 )
  7. But we just extended Green to 2 years. Shouldve given him a one year contract
  8. I hope we waive Macewan. Hes useless. Rather have Gadj. Lockwood prob has to start in AHL simply cuz theres no room for him on this roster. Asset management
  9. Hate to break it to you, but Horvat MIGHT NOT be here in 2 years. Next year is his last year of his contract then he becomes a UFA
  10. Maybe he will have a grudge and play out his status and sign as a UFA with another team. Who knows
  11. I was so hyped for Zegras :(. Still am.....
  12. Just wait till they get lucky to draft Wright in the 2022 draft followed by Bedard/Michkov in the 2023 draft and then sign Auston matthews as a FA in 2024. Nobody will be laughing then
  13. I wonder if Bergevin has the balls to offer sheet petey unless dvorak trade
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