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  1. Ya no doubt. How the hawks gm still had a job i dunno? Hawks will be bad for many years to come.
  2. I dunno man they also said last years peteys injury was day to day
  3. The +/- and not being able to crack an expansion roster says something. Cholowski seems like a new day poliot.
  4. It would be a great night if they beat the Oilers reg season lineup.
  5. Likely will get traded at the deadline to a contender
  6. I'm grateful for this thread. Told my wife I'd clean out the backyard in a minute...it's now been 4 days.
  7. I think contracts taking this long just shows petey and huggy want to be paiddddd
  8. Plenty of decent goalies to pick in ufa. Just hope demko stays healthy and we don't rely on the backup.
  9. Good on Bergevin for not folding and handing him a big ticket contract. Danault probably after 6 mil a season. Hard pass and good luck!
  10. Recount my arse! You should be banned for making a mockery of such a beautiful game!
  11. Thanks to all that participated this season and big thanks to goalie13 who put in the extra work for making this game within the game possible. The fact that the standings were so close shows you we got some knowledgeable fans who know the game. Now on to some trash talk..after my threepeat should I change my name to fijian dynasty canuck or fijian Canucks dynasty? I'll sit back and take suggestions
  12. 4-2 flames Mangiapanne gwg Calgary final goal Boeser final nucks goal
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