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  1. He didn’t expose anything. He exploited it. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knew that it existed. He purposely exacerbated/inflamed the issue for his own political/personal/financial gain…. He is an absolute POS Scum of a human being. He deserves credit for nothing except for his own down fall.
  2. settle down… you’ll get your contract. Just make sure you’re able to put in a full season
  3. It also looks like that rocket is giving your cow avatar a very good reason to be restless….
  4. Sorry… just wanted to see if I had a rocket ship Carry on
  5. I’m that case, by the amount of rockets in this thread, it is certainly looking pretty elite Disclaimer: only posted to see if I had a rocket
  6. Wrong. It’s called trolling Definition: attempting to bait in the hopes that someone/something will bite. Alf has a very very long history of this behaviour. One could even say it defines him. He’s only trying to do one thing with his current line of posting… bait I believe he’s a good guy but I don’t for a minute believe he is acting in good faith at the moment C
  7. If by “nerdy” you actually mean super cool and cosmic beauty on full display, then I agree thanks for posting. I’m never short of being mesmerized by the visual art our Universe displays
  8. Agree and disagree. Sure, give anybody the opportunity to defend there post. But hundreds of times in this thread I’ve seen nothing but relentless, nonsensical idiocy just carrying on and escalating to the point beyond return. In these cases, the offer of a simple bag over the head is a compliment compared to what I’d actually say to them; otherwise, I’d most likely be risking the wrath of that wobbly parrot head. Regardless of how righteous I thought I was. Although I cringe at the lameness of it. There can be a tiny bit of catharticism in offering a simple bag to place over their head. Sometimes that has to be enough, unfortunately…
  9. Looks like a great opportunity to revisit the 2nd amendment language and how it now actually promotes domestic terrorism, rather than fighting an oppressive government… in which it was originally intended. a group of clowns with guns that don’t stand a god given chance against the forces they are opposed/supportive to…. Merica, fck yeah!
  10. Yet… he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom… The initial WTF response from that D-bag says it all…
  11. Seriously…. Watch yourself in the mirror saying that out loud…. You might be surprised at how quickly you develop a gut burning belly laughter
  12. Whatever you you say, Tucker…. Even though we rarely agreed on things, I always considered you a solid poster because you backed up your $&!# with educated opinions. Now… WTF… Fox Headlines??? Anyways… I’m not getting any further involved in this ridiculous false comparison conspiracy, with anyone Have fun with it I wish you good health
  13. Sorry bud… but that is probably THE dumbest thing I have ever heard you say. With respect Canorth
  14. Give him a break… at least there was blow-up-dolls for sale next door…
  15. unfortunate…. However, I’m sure he’ll land on his feet as an event organizer….
  16. Cause this guy told them so? That picture alone makes me want to get all my Pfizer leeched out of me, ASAP!
  17. Again… I really don’t understand what you’re getting at. see ya, bud
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