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  1. I watched the game yesterday on youtube. Minute or 3 behind the radio.
  2. In Ron MacLeans defense, on live tv time is short and I got the impression he was quite surprised at Cherry and his comment and didn't have time to react given the pace of a live broadcast. Cherry has always put down MacLean if Cherry didn't like what he had to say. I'm satisfied when MacLean did make a statement as soon as he could get the airtime to do it.
  3. The title for my topic seemed a little confusing to a few people. I did that to grab peoples attention. The Brian Burke comments as a replacement for Donny was something I never thought of but I think he would be a wonderful replacement. I agree with some people that Don's days are done. He's a bit too full of himself. I believe his recent comments are going to send him packing. He is under a season contract so the next week or two may be interesting. The CBC bashing is kind of amusing as HNIC is Sportsnet as pointed out by a few readers. Poppies shouldn't be controversial. The were established to remember the fallen. Not to promote anger.
  4. Not sure if this belongs here but I personally think Donny has been around a bit too long and he thinks that he, and he alone is Hockey Night in Canada. His "poppy" comments were a bit over the top. I feel the love coming. Lets hear some comments. Basically what I'm asking is, is it time for him to hang up his skates?
  5. Nonis's son plays junior hockey for the Kings in Powell River. Was out for a visit.
  6. Cleaning house from the top down. The new GM will get who he wants, but, Linden is the top and he is going to pick the way he wants the direction of this team to go. Going to be interesting.
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