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  1. How about posting the whole thing instead of your cherry picked part.
  2. Ya...I know... they just hire them off the internet these days.
  3. Demko having now turned into a zombie shuts out the Coils 2-0 stopping 50 shots. GWG Brock.
  4. First step... do away with the 3 piece suit.
  5. It is also looking like we are going to have some changes on D as well.
  6. If they stopped holding their noses and actually watched the game they might smell what JB is cooking.
  7. Lol...JB is absolutely correct.
  8. Guess you have not been watching Jake lately. He is going nowhere.
  9. Sometimes it is less painful to rip the bandage off.
  10. Doing the cap numbers today I can see why JB is not worried about the cap next year. If it is true that Beagle is done and will be on LTIR, after Beagle and Ferland are put the list JB will have about $27mil to sign Petey and Huggy and fill out the roster. There may even be enough money to sign a FA.
  11. $0 on the taxi squad or Utica.
  12. Really... can’t help but think the Flames would jump all over that contract.
  13. If your nose wasn’t so far up ... in the air. You just might be able to smell what JB is cooking.
  14. It is even more tiring being a Canucks fan and have to read about all the clowns dissing Benning for signing a 28 year old reasonable player to a reasonable contract that is half a million dollars less than he is making now.
  15. That’s funny... I didn’t realize you changed your name to bennings.
  16. Yup... and they will be laughing right up until he wins the Cup.
  17. So what is so bad about that? For starters Pearson is 3.25 not 3.75. Loui will be sent down saving another 1.25. Looks like Beagle will be on LTIR saving another 3. That cuts it down to under 25% for 2 top six forwards, a top four defence man and a third liner. That means the only real bad contract there is Loui. Roussel is also over paid a bit.
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