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  1. It is nobodies business but Harmonic and the Canucks brass.
  2. Young enough to still check out the good looking gals. Too old to catch them.
  3. Hate to say it but Trump may have done the US a favour bringing it into the open where it can be dealt with.
  4. Yahoo has the Canucks surprising the division and getting second.
  5. The refs were working hard…or was that hardly working.
  6. The refs still owe us….I know just a pipe dream
  7. I can’t help but think that any team will not have a winning record with only 5 attempts to run the ball. They are wondering how to replace Lucky…maybe they could try running the ball if Reilly can get over himself.
  8. I am thinking that they will have to bury Trump and children at least 12 feet under. Deep down they are good people.
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