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  1. Who said they need to be "consistent scorers" lol
  2. Was saying we need to upgrade to someone who can play on both sides of the puck. Not just a one dimensional 4th line C.
  3. Wow where's the Beagle love coming from all of a sudden? Didn't most people want him off the team? He's going to be even slower next season. He also brings next to no offense.
  4. Assuming we can get a 3C signed, here's what I can foresee next season: Petey - Miller - Hoglander Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Motte - Haula (UFA) - Podkolzin Highmore - Graovac - Lockwood/MacEwen It's time to move on from Beagle. I'd bury him in Abbotsford.
  5. This team is so so soft lol. They only got involved to stick up for Hoggy when only Hoggy decided to take matters into his own hands. Garbage team. They need to start sticking up for their rookies. Matheson on Petey anyone?
  6. Just from one instance? He still gets 90-95% of the rumors right. I.e. Holtby and Schmidt. No other reporter comes close in this market.
  7. That was one instance dude. Dhaliwal is on point most of the time and no other media person comes close.
  8. Wtf? He's the first to break canucks signings and trades every time (i.e. both Schmidt and Holtby). What more do you want?
  9. Why are you asking a question that you shouldn't have to care about? Lol.
  10. This guy can definitely step in and play in an NHL lineup. He's gonna have some stiff competition at camp though.
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