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  1. I don't have many other original thoughts at the moment. I agree with a lot of what lucky, MR, and Toews have said
  2. I don't know what the point of this is regardless of his faction. There is a very real chance that NIK is lynched, and he could have helped make that happen I don't think we can let him live if he's doing this, it would just open the door for him to coast to the end
  3. I looked through the thread for interactions between them to see how likely it is that I'm right SS mentions NIK but it's not really a read, not sure what to think of this Calls out NIK but doesn't follow it up with anything until this post If NIK is mafia this is a really convenient thing to say, but of course it could be genuine and there's no way to know So yeah basically these interactions don't prove anything and they could be teammates
  4. SS and NIK are probably scum and that's why nothing is happening
  5. sounds like the mafia team is NIK, Sharpshooter, Zfetch, and Otis
  6. My only doubt with falcon was that it felt like there was too much traction against him and there would be more resistance if he was scum but it's only 5 votes Vote falcon
  7. I don't like the fixation over Tanev's start when it was explained why he knows mafia terms
  8. When I skimmed through the thread I thought BK looked okay and falcon a bit less than okay
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