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  1. W5 - Best show ever other than Cheers.
  2. Exactly how he's always played, don't expect anymore.
  3. I was not happy when JB drafted him and I'm not happy with his development now. I have watched him play a few times and every time I could not see what Jim keeps saying about him... he's very smart with the puck, smart with his positioning and quit type of leader.... I still have not seen any of those things and until I do he will not make the NHL anytime soon, maybe never.
  4. I'm sorry you have Dementia
  5. No one is panicking, I just believe JB made a mistake in taking him before some others that were on the board. He may be a solid d man in 3, 4 or 5 years...and he may never turn out.
  6. Cherry picking 2 drafted defence men means nothing, I could cherry pick a dozen high pick D men that made a difference in the NHL in their first or second year. He's not just a 1st round pick, He's the 5th overall pick in that draft, my point is there are two dmen from that draft already way better than him.
  7. Tired of all these excuses. If everyone else is bad and you're the 5th overall pick, thats when YOU pick up your game and make everyone else better. Thats what a very high draft pick should be able to do. He does none of that.
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