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  1. I just copied both of Burrdaman's guesses to troll her and I ended up being right lol.. Now i'm being accused of being Ryp ? Really? Edit: I don 't even think Ryp knows he's playing in this game. Did he sign himself up? And this is my only "dupe" and I won't be using this account anymore
  2. You haven't heard the last of me though! Next time it will be less obvious Edit:and my boyfriend was GreenDemon
  3. Damnit OTTS, you just got the SK killed.Never playing this game again!
  4. Well I don't want to die either hehe Unvote LTCanucks Vote Burrdaman
  5. Morning guys. Seems like i'm being voted out for being Kesler87 Someone save me! I am just a regular townsperson Edit: Well I guess it's afternoon now haha And also I would like to vote for LTCanucks because there definitely has to be some mafia jumping on the bandwagon Vote LTCanucks
  6. Heyy guys sorry I'm back. I told my boyfriend about this game and he seems interested! Is he allowed to join next game or would that be illegal or something? :/
  7. Hey guys! I didn't get a private message so I'm assuming i'm just a TP& please pm me if you want to be in an alliance with me and also if you want to give me any tips! But goodnight for now. I have to wake up at 5 AM for work
  8. Haha i'm not kesler87. I was just reading through the previous games and he seems like a major douche!
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