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  1. All the best Kole! (if the reports are true of course)
  2. I'm a big fan of Lysell, his first step acceleration & drive is insane. I wouldn't be disappointed if we took him
  3. Wow. I thought Nurse whould have had a call/suspension or fine for the takedown during the fight....but what do I know jeez
  4. Hamilton is a stud! Great offensive numbers, solid defensively and he plays on the right hand side,something we desperately need. I would without a doubt give 8M*5 years in a heartbeat
  5. Please save us....score a goal for us.... anything
  6. I agree. We got to give him some rest, those legs look super tired
  7. The second goal, where I think Horvat was playing defenseman but he didn't start skating back...that lead to the 2 on 1.....that destroyed us
  8. Hopefully he gives us the production he had the year prior. Not this years production
  9. I would 100% do 8*8 for Petey in a heatrbeat ( I think he'll be asking for more though). I don't think I would do that for Hughes though
  10. In a world where Price, Vasilevsky & Bobrovsky are making double that money. 5 million is a very sound deal!
  11. Wait till Buffalo buys out his contract, then try to sign him for cheap
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