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  1. I think Michaelis has spent a brief time playing pro in Germany but I really think he's better off in Utica unless he can make the 23 man roster. I think the taxi squad is a waste of time for someone who's never played real North American pro games and needs development. He might be Utica's top C I'm not sure who will be sent to the Comets from the Blues org. but as far as I can tell, here's my Utica's projected Canucks Roster Lind Michaelis Lockwood Gadjovich Jasek Baertschi or Hawlyruk Brisebois Rafferty Rathbone Woo Teves. Eliot
  2. Not sure it's about earning a spot on the taxi squad as much as it's a spot for players who don't need anymore development. Michaelis may develop into a decent player but he won't do it sitting in the press box; much better to go to the Ahl. A guy like Graovac is pretty much done developing and that's why I suspect they will keep him.
  3. I think you're right the limit is 6. Maybe it looks like this: 1. Dipietro 2. Chatfield 3. Graovac 4. Eriksson 5. Sautner 6. Bailey I think there's a pretty reasonable chance that Baertschi or Loui get sent to Utica. Maybe it will push Louie to retire.
  4. I wonder which prospects are likely to be sent to Utica vs. taxi squad. I'd guess that the guys who are younger and need more development would be prioritized for Utica. My best guess: NHL roster: Hoglander (will be sent to Utica or back to SHL if he doesn't make roster) Rathbone (wil be sent to Utica if he doesn't make NHL) Juolevi Taxi Squad: Baertchi Hawlyruk or Eriksson Bailey Groavac Sautner Chatfield Dipietro Utica: Lind Jasek Lockwood Woo Michaelis Rafferty Gadjovich
  5. Hoglander was an absolute revelation in this tournament and he's been a blast to watch. So much skill. I'm hoping he will be in Utica on a PTO at the end of this season and potentially makes the big club opening day in September next year, or the subsequent one. I like his feisty nature but there is no doubt the hit today wasn't a clean play. I think we should all admit to ourselves that although we love this player, he made a dumb play that cost his team today. He'll be great in the future for the club but if we can't admit that there was no need for this play, and that it was not merely Hogz
  6. If those two (Rathbone and Tryamkin) could play the right side it would certainly help to balance the depth chart. Rathbone's emergence in the propsect pool is huge and although I've been critical of the asset managment of the Canucks in the past few years, it's hard to deny that they seem to have a pretty solid track record overall at the draft. Even the guys that don't pan out seem to show strong improvements. I hope they continue to keep their picks for at least two more years to build up VAncouver and Utica.
  7. Tryamkin is a LD along with Rathbone. Right shot defenders continue to be a weakness in the prospect pool with only Rafferty and Woo looking legit. Woo has not been great so far this year either. Rathbone looking like a stud and tryamkin coming back could offset juolevi’s Injury woes long term.
  8. Also, I think he’s got a chance to make it in 2020-21 season. Playing in the SHL already is a super good sign. Already surpassing Lind and Gadjovich’s production in a mens league but two years younger.
  9. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but go look at Hoglanders combine results. Normally, a player excels in one or two categories. Hoglander was top ten in more than half of all the tests. That’s potentially unprecedented. With that kind of strength and fitness, it shocks me that he fell to us. He is probably the best overall athlete in the draft. In my opinion this makes his size a non issue.
  10. To further this, although I think Tryamkin should've been more of a team player and accepted a brief stint in Utica back then, his talent was undeniable and he certainly deserved more ice time than the inept, now run out of the league, Desjardins gave to him. The thing that everyone misses with BFG is that his skill set is far more suited to the NHL game than the KHL. His stats in the KHL were never going to be that amazing as he isn't an offensive guy and smaller guys do better on the international ice. The smaller ice surface lends itself to a big man like Nikita with a great wingspan and po
  11. I wonder if the smoke around Zaitsev is related to Tryamkin potentially being lured back by the Canucks. Tryamkin and Zaitsev would actually be a good bottom pair having another Russian on the blue line might be attractive to the BFG. That being said, they need to get something else from Toronto if they are going to get Zaitsev as he is overpaid.
  12. Pierre Maguire mentioned on Sekeres and Price today that Rathbone had a huge game with Dexter today or yesterday and that he was very high on him. I wasn't able to find any info on this game online. Anyone know anything about this? Obviously one of the more elusive prospects in recent years, another later round gem?
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