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  1. I think Michaelis has spent a brief time playing pro in Germany but I really think he's better off in Utica unless he can make the 23 man roster. I think the taxi squad is a waste of time for someone who's never played real North American pro games and needs development. He might be Utica's top C I'm not sure who will be sent to the Comets from the Blues org. but as far as I can tell, here's my Utica's projected Canucks Roster Lind Michaelis Lockwood Gadjovich Jasek Baertschi or Hawlyruk Brisebois Rafferty Rathbone Woo Teves. Eliot Kielly Obviously this is all subject to change
  2. Not sure it's about earning a spot on the taxi squad as much as it's a spot for players who don't need anymore development. Michaelis may develop into a decent player but he won't do it sitting in the press box; much better to go to the Ahl. A guy like Graovac is pretty much done developing and that's why I suspect they will keep him.
  3. I think you're right the limit is 6. Maybe it looks like this: 1. Dipietro 2. Chatfield 3. Graovac 4. Eriksson 5. Sautner 6. Bailey I think there's a pretty reasonable chance that Baertschi or Loui get sent to Utica. Maybe it will push Louie to retire.
  4. I wonder which prospects are likely to be sent to Utica vs. taxi squad. I'd guess that the guys who are younger and need more development would be prioritized for Utica. My best guess: NHL roster: Hoglander (will be sent to Utica or back to SHL if he doesn't make roster) Rathbone (wil be sent to Utica if he doesn't make NHL) Juolevi Taxi Squad: Baertchi Hawlyruk or Eriksson Bailey Groavac Sautner Chatfield Dipietro Utica: Lind Jasek Lockwood Woo Michaelis Rafferty Gadjovich Brisebois Teves Eliot Kielly What do you think?
  5. I don't think this gets it done. They will have to beat Boston's offer but thankfully Boston doesn't have a deep prospect pool. I'm guessing Juolevi, Lind, Sutter and a 1st and 3rd rounder might be closer. There's no way Arizona takes Sutter and Eriksson.
  6. So glad, they didn't trade Hoglander, Lind and especialy Podkolzin. They were dealing from a position of strength with a lot of forward prospects. It still hurts to lose Madden and I don't see any chance they could resign Toffoli with their cap issues.
  7. Yes. I watch all the Comets games. He’s getting a touch quicker and less mistake prone. Adjusting to the pace increasingly well. Passings is great but has always been a strength. Still think he’s one full offseason and more ahl games next year. A full year from now I think he’s fully ready as long as he can continue to grow as a skater and not get burned wide.
  8. Mcdonough has to be the biggest sleeper prospect in the whole system. Pretty impressive numbers in the NCAA for a freshman, albeit an older one. From the Hockey News website today VAN: It’s Adam Gaudette all over again: the Canucks appear to have another late-round gem on their hands with Aidan Mcdonough, who also went from USHL Cedar Rapids to Northeastern University. Mcdonough, a seventh-rounder, has a point per game as a freshman with the Huskies.
  9. Hoglander was an absolute revelation in this tournament and he's been a blast to watch. So much skill. I'm hoping he will be in Utica on a PTO at the end of this season and potentially makes the big club opening day in September next year, or the subsequent one. I like his feisty nature but there is no doubt the hit today wasn't a clean play. I think we should all admit to ourselves that although we love this player, he made a dumb play that cost his team today. He'll be great in the future for the club but if we can't admit that there was no need for this play, and that it was not merely Hogz defending himself then we are making bad faith arguments; defending a player just because he's one of ours. Let's also avoid terms like snowflakes and making huge generalizations about millennials on this board. That stuff is just not part of this discussion, Let's just argue about hockey and not be petulant towards others opinions. The poster earlier who wanted a 'safe work environment' completely has a point, players need to have respect for each other and it isn't endangering the physical nature of the game despite what the Rock em sock em crowd argues.
  10. 1. Podkolzin 2. Hoglander 3. Dipietro 4. Madden 5. Rathbone 6. Juolevi 7. Lind 8. Rafferty 9. Woo 10. Brisebois 11. Macewen 12. Lockwood 13. Perron 14. Teves 15. Gadjovich 16. Focht 17. McDonagh 18. Silovs 19. Palmu 20. Utunen
  11. If those two (Rathbone and Tryamkin) could play the right side it would certainly help to balance the depth chart. Rathbone's emergence in the propsect pool is huge and although I've been critical of the asset managment of the Canucks in the past few years, it's hard to deny that they seem to have a pretty solid track record overall at the draft. Even the guys that don't pan out seem to show strong improvements. I hope they continue to keep their picks for at least two more years to build up VAncouver and Utica.
  12. Tryamkin is a LD along with Rathbone. Right shot defenders continue to be a weakness in the prospect pool with only Rafferty and Woo looking legit. Woo has not been great so far this year either. Rathbone looking like a stud and tryamkin coming back could offset juolevi’s Injury woes long term.
  13. He is very young for his draft year, playing very low minutes in the KHL. 2ppg average against his peers. If he was in the CHL he'd be a huge producer. It's all about context, there is literally nothing to worry about. Wait for the World Juniors
  14. I'd rather have MCcan but it doesn't matter now. The 2nd rounder included in the original Gudbranson deal was the thing that killed us. Could've been Carter Hart, DeBrincat or Girard. Thankfully we redeemed the trade to some extent because Pearson is a vastly superior player to Gudbranson. More and more I think Guddy does not belong in the NHL, he just doesn't have the puck skills or agility. I was ecstatic when we got rid of his contract, not because I was that enthusiastic about Pearson but I knew losing Gudbranson and his contract would be addition by subtraction. He was awful. Pearson fitting in with Bo and playing well has been a bonus. As it stands, Pearson for MCcan and a 2nd rounder isn't a great trade but its not terrible. Pearson is definitely the type of player we've been missing and can play up and down the lineup.
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