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  1. Based on the average value the Crack took in the expansion draft I think they would have been better to select 4-5 players and then a 2nd rounder from every other team instead. Use the extra cap space and sign all the UFAs then 27 2nd rounders gotta get you a 1st right?
  2. Didn’t they just get out of a situation where you couldn’t go anywhere near 6 blocks downtown because of police protests?
  3. ASTERISK ASTERISK ASTERISK ASTERISK ASTERISK ASTERISK ASTERISK *************************************************************
  4. Every time we play ANA just put a guy at their blueline and they'll drop us a shorty breakaway every time.
  5. Instead of “18 year old” Bennett I prefer “Highest pick in Flames history” Bennett now that he’s with the Flames
  6. Schieffele is going to step on McDavids achilles tendon in game 1 and then the Oil get swept.
  7. This aged well. LOL Stamkos AND Kucherov good to go Game 1!
  8. At this point the NHL and WWE are pretty much the same.
  9. Turns down offer to play for Finland at the World Championships Tough spot for and hard not to feel bad for Columbus. The Dubois trade now looks super good for Winnipeg...as for Laine I hope he's flounders and is out of the league in a few years and playing fortnite. Will never forgive the comments he made about us.
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