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  1. Schieffele is going to step on McDavids achilles tendon in game 1 and then the Oil get swept.
  2. This aged well. LOL Stamkos AND Kucherov good to go Game 1!
  3. At this point the NHL and WWE are pretty much the same.
  4. Turns down offer to play for Finland at the World Championships Tough spot for and hard not to feel bad for Columbus. The Dubois trade now looks super good for Winnipeg...as for Laine I hope he's flounders and is out of the league in a few years and playing fortnite. Will never forgive the comments he made about us.
  5. John always ripping on us with how much each player has scored on us in Rogers arena.
  6. LOL Tanev finally getting some respect from Hrudey now he's in an Alberta jersey
  7. Can we make a rule John and John can’t say how hard each player screws us in own own building? I don’t think any other PBP does that.
  8. No way the garbage can in the centre of the room should be standing after a period like that.
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