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  1. David Pagnotta‏@TheFourthPeriod 6m6 minutes ago More Ryan White joining Martin Hanzal to Minnesota from Coyotes. Sounds like draft picks going to AZ Montreal is looking to trade Ryan White - http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=80499 Looking for an exempt prospect for him.
  2. Cheap + free + new team. Figured maybe a new start would give him a boost. Matt Calvert better become a legend. Also Kalinen isnt waiver waiver eligible and is exempt at the draft (not that LV would take him) so I figured why not. Send down Sgarbossa to make room for him.
  3. @Monty The Athletic‏@TheAthleticChi 10m10 minutes ago More Exclusive: Agent tells @ByScottPowers Maxim Shalunov could join Blackhawks for Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  4. Mostly Ari... That being said 2017 was a good year to move them, not sure about 2018 yet that could bite in the ass.
  5. Now I gotta ask, haha. Whats wrong with my cap sheet ??!!?? I can take it like a man.
  6. I should mention that I think this is a homerun for you, not for BUF. And yeah, the capsheet is looking good for the offseason.
  7. Yikes, that's a scary situation. Has the dog ever showed signs of aggression before or was this just one weird evening ? Sorry to hear, hopefully this doesn't scar your kids mentally.
  8. Vladimir Tarasenko is available. Looking for a young beauty defenseman (prefer if Exempt) and a young top forward coming back. Vlady is 10th in NHL scoring and is 7.5M for the next ever.
  9. Funny league when Matt Calvert gets more waiver claims then Rick Nash.
  10. MTL puts Steve Ott on waivers and recalls Alan Quine. Edit: Why no Steve Ott love ?
  11. Montreal puts Jordin Tootoo on waivers.
  12. F it.. Montreal places a claim on Matt Calvert.
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