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  1. lots of dead cap coming off this year and next year pods joining hogs getting better, Rathbone, Hughes, BB, Petey all a year better Ferland and beagle likely not playing next year = 6.8 mill off the cap, Sutter contract done = another 4.375, elder 6 million off, baertschi off = 2.3 off the cap Chatfield = 0.7 off Pearson = 0.5 paycut Virtanen... will he play again ??? = 2.5 spooner = 1mill off Jayce = 0.8 off rumour of Erickson buy out saves 1-2 mill = 25-26 mill off cap in 2021 demko = +4 edler = 2
  2. To BUF Dipietro OJ Lind McDonaugh 2021 1st Roussel Beagle - may just be ltir money To VAN Reinhart Ristoleinen Miller Petey Boesser Rienhart Bo Hogz pearson 3C Podz Motte Sutter Gadjo/Lockwood Hughes Risto Edler Schmidt Rathbone Hamonic myers to SEA
  3. agree, A few thoughts - looks like we will land in the 3-8 range - a first for a guy like reinhart or ristoleinen +- we add and send a cap dump back? - would be interested in trading to drop down into the 12 to 15 range and pick up a young roster player - if we keep the pick, there really is not much separating top 10 or so, like if Power was a LD, would he be no favoured no 1? I am guess Clarke would be preferred in that case - if we keep the pick, I would pick BPA, I think another top D man or C would be preferred over a winger but you always need
  4. at this rate, won't need to protect OJ cuz he's not really playing enough for anyone to know if he's any good
  5. Petey Horvat Podkolzin Hogz Miller Boeser Pearson -3C- Motte Macewan Sutter Lind/Gadjovich/Roussel Virtanen- gone Beagle - ? retire due to injury? Ferland - ?retire due to injury Sutter re-sign to like 1 million? That bottom really needs a 3C and either buy out Roussel and replace him with a good solid nhler or pray he plays the way he did his first year here Top 6 could be pretty good though, especially with those match ups, get hogs, miller and boss away from top d pain and have Podkolzin pretty insulated with 2 great players
  6. we need good C and good D ? MacTavish? will be in our range - I bet we pick 10th a few problems - we never really did a proper re-build where we scorched the earth like Toronto did for 2 years and traded all vets for picks, look at Ottawa, multiple years with multiple 1st rounders and 2nds, many picks etc... - we actually traded away picks - OJ instead of MT, Mcann instead of Pastranak, Virtanen instead of Ehlers or Nylander only now are we seeing our second wave of prospects start to play their very first NHL games- Lind, maybe gadjo, dipietr
  7. Nucks Draftees from JB era in nhl 2014 5/7 virt mcann demko tryamkin forsling 2015 Boesser Breezer Gaudette Jasek-likely to play an nhl game 3/7 2016 OJ lockwood- maybe 1/6 2017 petey lind dipietro ratjbone gadjovic- almos certainly will play an nhl game 5/7 2018 Hughes woo and madden are a maybe 1/6 2019 podkolzin hogz
  8. edler-Myers Hughes- Schmidt Tryamkin-Hamonic OJ and Rathbone as the left side extra's, chatfield on the right Edler and hamonic are done in 2-3 yrs with this team any way so this is a good set up If I recall, Tryamkin can play either side
  9. OJ and Lind should be in the lineup... also what about dipietro?
  10. save room for tryamkin Benn-2 edler- resign for 3 mill = -3 Baertschi out - 2.2 - no need for replacement spooner out- 1.0 - no need for replacement Hamonic - resign league min? no to chatfield - 0.7 - no need to be replace buy Sutter 4.375 Hawryluk - 0.8 . = - 14 mill ? hotly to Seattle? - 4.3 = -18.3 Demko = 3.75 Petey = 6.75 Hughes = 6.5 = 17 remainder = 1.3 mill ? Ferland..? retire = -3.5 mill Do tryamkin 2.75 x 2 years what to do with Virtane
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