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  1. lol we drafted Nikolas Jensen instead, they played on the same line with Jenner as the centre..., we took the less rugged, less hard working, less versatile of the two despite losing to the Bruins in the finals, great job gillis and co
  2. we need to start getting the main line up together so they can gel can keep trialing the Podz, Lockwood, gadjo upfront and hunt/OJ/rathbone/schenn in a combination of the next few games I would play guys like podz, gadjo and chaisson up and down the line up a lot in the last few games, chaisson might be a good pick up if podz does not blow our socks off and if sutts, matter and bess gonna be out for a bit
  3. lines once all healthy Podz Miller Garland Hogz Petey Boesser Pearson Bo Chaisson Dickinson Sutter Motte extra Highmore first callups: Gadj/Lockwood OEL Myers Huggy Ham Hunt Poolman OJ and Schenn(waiver eligible so can be claimed)] first call up: rathbone Demko/Halak
  4. who was the group at main camp? who from hunt/rathbone/gadjo/lockwood/baily/bowey/OJ/Di Giuseppe were there?
  5. to BUF Petey OJ VAN 2022 1st To VAN Dahlin BUF 2022 1st unprotected To NJD Hughes Motte Podkolzin To VAN Zacha Ty smith Severson Miles Woods Miller Zacha Boeser Garland Horvat Hogz Pearson Dickinson Woods Gadjo Sutter Lockwood OEL Myers Dahlin Severson Smyth Poolman Rathbone Schenn plus BUF's unprotected 1st baby!!!!!
  6. boy have we had some bad coaches- Keenan, torts, I thought willie D was useless, I remember an interview with tom renney when he admitted he was not ready to coach in the NHL when he was with the Canucks, Rick Ley - useless
  7. halalak 1.5 mill dickinson 2.2 mill suter 850 x 2 yrs full NTC- incentive to sign cheap Schenn 750 x 2 yrs = 4.95 20.1 -4.95 = 15.15 is best case scenario what we have to spend on Hughes and petey = 7.5 each
  8. 20 mill for Petey, Hughes, a 4C, a back up goalie, Dickinson, OJ and at least 1 RHD man. Petey 7 mill Hughes 7 mill 4C 1 mill Goalie 1.5 mill Luke Schenn 0.75 Dickinson 2.75 mill ? OJ... Yikes!!!!
  9. I think ultimately JB would like to keep Schmidt, he was great for Vegas and a top 4 of OEL, Hughes, Myers, Schmidt, really has a lot of good elements, esp if OEL can reclaim his form
  10. wonder if MTL interested in Schmidt and holtby as price likely out for part of next year and weber likely retiring, time to clear some cap in a major way.
  11. agree garland could be a top line player we have solved everything, this is nothing but a win win win for our team I would sign hamonic now and we are done
  12. amazing trade actually, garland could be a top line player, OEL still a top 6 d man, and great character guy, excited to see what our team looks like I am a JB skeptic but I like this move a lot.
  13. oh... ok then they need to take rousssell off our hands lol
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