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  1. Not Hog !! Our first, fine, Schmidt, no problem, but Hog is like a first and will be a driving force for years to come. Jones is great, but you need to pick and choose who you add into this deal and that's not on the table for me.
  2. To me, the simple equation is: based on the two contracts, just signed, given the choice of the two, which player and contract would you pick. To me, hands down Lowry. He makes that Winnipeg 3rd line one of if not the best 3rd line in hockey [put Copp back on the line, as he has been moved because of injury]. Pearson, who I like but don't think is a true 2nd line player of a cup team, can be replaced much more easily than Lowry. If Winnipeg hadn't resigned him, who would you try and sign in the off season for your 3rd line centre before him ?? Come cup run, Lowry will be a beast !
  3. Nascent, wow what a great word. I learn every day, thank you.
  4. Ok, I am still not a fan of Loui, and still don't think his production and the 'eye test' suggests he should be on the second line, but I have to concede that he is playing so much better and this is the best that Loui has played for some time. He definitely has played better and helped this line, and is contributing to the team's success.
  5. I think you give Loui a little too much credit. While his stats have been better in the last several games, I agree with the other posters that think Bo doesn't need Loui, and, the Loui should never be on the 2nd line. The numbers are just bad for a second liner with good minutes [2 non-empty net goals all year]. Without the empty netters, he would have a total of 4 points and I think at least one of those was from an empty netter [too lazy to look it up], . . . you can't make this stuff up. BTW, looks like Green agrees Mott should get a chance when he benched Loui and put Mott with Bo. D
  6. Totally disagree. I agree if his cap was less AND he was playing on the fourth line, then yes people would be more ok with his play [but just ok, not over the moon]. Who else on the team could have 4 goals and 2 assists in 26 games and there not be a revolt to get him off the 2nd line. That is TERRIBLE production by any standard. Personally I would give a guy like Mott a chance for 4 or 5 games, although not before Virtanen. At least he has speed and gets in and forechecks hard. Loui is what he is, and that's a fourth line player at most. Don't delude yourself that it is just
  7. I just don't get all this talk now and in the past about Jake playing on the PP in front of the net. They have try him there in the past with little success. I have never seen him be particularly effective in screening, but more importantly, I don't remember him being good in front of the net DEFLECTING pucks. While he has great skills, I have never been impressed with his hands, like I was with someone like Burrows, who I thought was very underrated for having great hands [and great hand/eye co-ordination, allowing him to be very successful close in. So if you don't really like
  8. A better shot, . . . are you kidding me? Bertuzzi had a GREAT shot, . . . Jake can't hit the net.
  9. This guy is very underrated. He is tied for his best career year in points with 29 in only 60 games, with 17 games remaining. He is fourth in scoring with 2 more goals and 3 more points than Goldie. Best summer signing by far when you consider the other elements he brings to this team, including his grit, agitation, and speed. And he can play anywhere up and down the lineup. He's had some great games and made some incredible passes for what he came in here billed as. VERY pleasant surprise and now an important member of this club, representing an element every team needs.
  10. I don't think the comparison of the mistake they made with McCann and Virtanen to Gaudette playing this year is fair. Those two played straight from junior. Gaudette will be 22 at the start of this season has been playing for a few years against men, not juniors. To be fair, you really need to compare Gaudette to what Boeser did last year, . . . and that turned out pretty well. [not saying he will have a season like Boeser, just a similar player/age/experience level joining the NHL.]
  11. No, it doesn't matter if Santa Claus was involved in the signing. The question is, regardless of who was involved in the negotiations, is why did he get maximum TERM, $'s and NTC at his age and production? Typically if they give a player max $'s, it's a reduced term, or if it is maximum term, it is a reduced $. Unless your name is like a Stamkos, he gets it all!
  12. Yes, we can all agree, worst signing by Benning by a mile and I don't see how we get out of it without buying him out which would be expensive. But here is where I am really confused. As I understand it, when you are negotiating with the player/agent the two biggest issues are term and $'s, then maybe NTC or whatever as the final sweetener if warranted. So Eriksson got maximum $'s PLUS he got maximum term, AND he got the sweetener. Doesn't make any sense he got it all based on the facts. So then you have to look at the player to see what you are missing, because there must have
  13. Wow, this has been a long time coming, incremental steps, . . . baby steps. Today's game was a continuation of improvement, tiny steps each game, sometimes two up, one back, sometimes one up, one up. Yes he made a few mistakes today, as most players did, but overall I see this continual improvement in his overall play. I for one have been critical of his hockey IQ, but somehow he seems to be improving it. Tonight he played one of his better games, albeit no points. But positionally he was good, most times making the right play at the right time. He played a SUPER SOLID game,
  14. I agree, but it would seem very odd to me if they did not put him in the lineup tonight. They traded for him and gave up a draft pick, so at this point they can't send him down. Presumably they have been waiting for an opportunity to get him into the lineup to see first hand in game situations what they have and what he needs to work on. This has given them a golden opportunity to do just that without sitting someone else out. If he is NOT in the lineup, that would tell me that he still isn't up to speed on their systems, which after a few weeks would be a bit of a red light going off.
  15. OK, after this game and the other preseason games, I now fully believe that Jake has finally turned the corner and is ready for the NHL. Could he learn more and play much of this season for Utica, absolutely, but he doesn't have to. He can easily start on the 4th line and perhaps through the year move his way up. He really seems to understand where to be and what to do, that with the added confidence and determination, makes him one of the better players for the past three games. He is very noticeable on the ice, and FINALLY showing that NHL shot, [looked a little like BB's release on
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