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  1. Good bye 10 game rental. Wish you well in Montreal Tyler. Better health an continuous success
  2. Some times it does not seem clear at outset what the day will bring . Barrie will bring pick moving out of zone trade off: he is below average Defender ( maybe staff can improve upon this ?) sign another cheap D who does play D to short term or show me to complement this signing if it happens.
  3. Too bad he goes free tomorrow. our cap is horrendous maxed to the max.we can probably lose other’s tomorrow who should not be going out the door but keeping a small trio that cannot be moved , that should be . He did not play enough games for us . What’s it mean we gave up a second an prospective minor players. Our team loves trading second round picks away. It would have been great to sign him.
  4. Sadly no fault of the club . He came here a immature low IQ an poor work ethic. Floated a lot early days an was sitting more than not. It is difficult at this juncture to let him go . I would rather see a few other veterans out the door ,Erickson, Sutter, etc , etc . One more year is not gonna kill club unless he is not able to transition to top six minutes .
  5. Yes just sec before they scored I said to my son in-law that Loui was weak link on ice
  6. The pro leaf play by play guys suck . Every American team I here them call a game, the admonish them an give direlect comments towards canucks
  7. Guys just remember the time zone difference. Blues in Oiler time zone not eastern time zone . This was a late late game for the blues. We do have on our side a offset against bad refs an penalties. We survive onslaught refs give them . They will be a more despondent team a give in to there sleep clicks. i don’t think NHL will give us to many of these gifts. Point of note We have been very successful against Binington hopefully Blues ride him in series. We played them according to script. Our team has abundant character an talent . We can beat them. This was evident at times on there tentative play. Our D will continue to improve as series goes. I don’t think NHL will try to many late games on schedule .
  8. This blues team is a big team . Canucks are playing it right taking what chances they get . Hopefully our pp can go to work an be difference in score
  9. It’s all rigged across sports spectrum this game was scripted for a Dumba type player it’s called entertainment an rthey have a script to follow
  10. Very very poor coaching an no improvisation at all it’s all we got for script owners lovehim I say two more years he is to Green yet!
  11. Very poor first game performance. It is obvious league has no respect for Pederson. As well as our top 6 basically been smothered tonight gonna be short best of two left .
  12. I would have rather drawn the Jets , this is BS boring dull hockey . Green must be playing the long series strategy,”keep cool play within yourself an take what they give you” The Jets would have been rocket socket hockey at least The strips dictate tempo an opportunity. Boring Hockey from Van fan point
  13. Very poor first game performance really by everyone except maybe Sutter
  14. Yes if you gonna go down close those legs up! Lol
  15. The sun is 93 million miles away . As is this hockey game so far but yet so close
  16. A 93.5 mile per hour slap shot by ; to me an new or unknown Minny D player is all that needs to be said . W are still at least two to four years away from a cup run . Sadly leafs may win one before us poor Canucks.
  17. Team needs to play at least two games above .500 , not sure that is possible with our goal tending now? 500 hockey gets us 16 points (88) that will not be enough to get into dance probably gonna have to go in with 94 or 95 points on final day of season.Not sure about 4 other wildcard teams schedule down stretch? Realistically we need to win at least a 66% in rate to be in legitimate shot at play off Berth. we miss play offs we definitely need to keep our draft pick this is a stronger draft year compared to next year. The implosion of this team is painful to watch . I take this year 13th no pick next years in weaker draft.For Miller fullfillment .
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