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  1. (Join now http://vhlforum.com/!) The Victory Hockey League (VHL) is an ice hockey simulation forum that anybody can enjoy. You don't even need to be an ice hockey fan! It's super easy to start and begin playing. All you have to do is create an account, and then choose what position you want your player playing. You can choose between goaltender, defenseman, left wing, right wing, and center. After you're done creating your player, you start off with 30 TPE to use. You're probably wondering, what is "TPE?" TPE is a virtual currency you use to upgrade your player's attributes. You get several attributes you can put your TPE into. Before you use your 30 TPE, make sure you know what type of player you want to build. Your build could be anywhere from a power forward to an offensive defenseman, the possibilities are truly endless. TPE is earned by doing point tasks which could be anywhere from a graphic to writing a VHL-related article. After the beginning, you will be put through the task of entering the VHLM (Victory Hockey League Minors) draft. Your potential destination can be anywhere, you'll just have to wait and see. Once you get drafted by a VHLM team, you will be able to communicate with your team's GM. Your GM will help you get situated, and will make sure you become a hardworking, successful player throughout your VHLM career. (NOTE: Player simulations are simulated through a simulation engine) Once you get drafted by a VHLM team, you get to play there for one year and then get drafted by a VHL team. Also don't worry, you can play in the VHLM for 2 years to develop your player even more. Once you reach the VHL, you get to do a lot of the things you'd do in the National Hockey League (in real life professional ice hockey league). You can get traded, become a free agent, discuss a contract with your GM, and become a freaking legend. Discord Channel Link: https://discord.gg/VrUxedS
  2. Bump! Our trade deadline just passed! So if you are bored and stuck at home with COVID, or hate how bad the nucks have been lately..... With the VHL you can have a different team and or player to follow! Now's the best time to join if you want to have the best possible player!
  3. Trade Deadline is today! Best time to join if you were ever interested!
  4. Same here love this site. I even found out about it from here! It's getting bigger and better every season. If your a hockey nerd you would love it.
  5. BUMP league just expanded x3 and the draft is coming up this week! Good time to join if you like be a pro hockey online! http://www.vhlforum.com/
  6. The VHL is going stronger than ever uses the exact same template as the bucks forums so it's easy to navigate. Come check it out! http://www.vhlforum.com/
  7. Bump trade deadline just past. Best time to join the VHL is now!
  8. Bump it's the best time to join next eligible draft roster is starting
  9. My name on VHL is Beaviss 10th anniversary hype! Join now people!
  10. Just joined up not from on here but from another site and im loving it very in depth and active forums makes it an interesting time Cant wait to see where I go in the next draft!
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