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  1. Kathy B. wants to talk to you if you are around.

  2. Just responded to you regarding Mike gillis interview, please check it out. I'm at tonights game in section 320, am an 11 game ice pack holder. I'll be wearing a Golden Knights jersey as I am an ice pack holder of the canucks and Vegas as well, cheers. If your at tonights game I'll buy you a beer and we can  chat that painful 2011 loss, cheers Anthony

    2018-19 Golden Knights Schedule .jpg


    1. TheGuardian_


      I surrendered my season tickets a few years ago so I don't go very often. Maybe another time. I drink beer :)

    2. vancouverbucsfan


      After tonights meltdown I might give up on my ice pack next season starting! Getting disappointed with the team and their progress. Should have at least got a tie tonight and a point rather than Delsaster taking a dumb penalty that cost us the game! Grrr!

  3. Yes, no doubt about it.....it is why I am a little apprehensive about Hughes and Boqvist.......


    Keep on getting images of Guys like Krog who try to side step checks and don't get completely out of the way.


    I think.....great dekes are great for pond hockey, where there are no boards......keep on reminding myself of a time me and a buddy turned into each other.......he was a 165 lbs...me 215 lbs.........I won


    But it is good he was quick, it could have been worse.....


    It is why I like Dobson so much.....if we are going with a Dman........even Bouchard is considered a better than average skater..........just not an elite skater


    I think both top out at 210 +..............with the possibility of both going before the other 2


    That is why I was looking for a comment back on the genetics side of scouting....aka was the Dad and brothers big? An Uncle?.....could it matter?


    Thanks for messaging me back......


    Regards Paul

    1. Alflives


      We have Guddy, who is huge.  Edler huge top, but he’s likely to be gone before Hughs or Boqvist made our team.  I can see a smaller Dman, providing he brings top end offence and he’s partnered with Guddy, who could do most of the heavy lifting.  I heard Hughs brings some nasty, like Duncan Keith, to his game.

  4. True, I let the accusation that I was being negative get me off center. I know I was just putting possibilities out there that are counter to what was stated by management at first and then amended at Benning's signing. Ever since Vesey it is a possibility, after that comes why would he do it? He is probably a 3rd line center, good depth and skilled for playoffs, he will make the team if he wants. Again it could be taken negatively but the Seattle expansion and the CBA. One could affect the other. Bettman has a 100% record of a labour dispute and this time around the NH
  5. What if the expansion draft isn't until 2021/22? There could be a labour problem in 2020/21.
  6. Didn't I post I don't rely on forums for information? Someone has to balance out the pro posters side with at least something other than fantasy thoughts. Just look at what started this whole string of negativity, I posted some facts and a possibility, I didn't even go into depth with regards to what I posted. But the one poster is so unsure of his position he had to find negativity in the posts. I, at no time, stated I thought he would not sign here. It is just insecurity of the pro posters. Apparently it is being negative to post rules or opinions to
  7. What incorrect stats? I make every effort to insure that what I post is something from a quote or actions. I don't rely on "forums" for information, if something looks interesting I try to research it. Linden and Benning said they thought this was a playoff team 3 years ago, I didn't think so, I thought the Sedins should have been traded 3/4 years ago, I even posted numerous quotes of theirs indicating that they expected it, understood it was part of hockey and that their ultimate goal was a cup. Daniel just stated a cup, later Henrik said with the Canucks. Your opinion
  8. Can Gaudette even go to Utica? Isn't there a roster freeze? Oh, sorry to be negative.
  9. Benning is perfect. Happy? His contract negotiations are outstanding. He never makes a mistake. He should have a life time contract. The team is only one year from a Stanley cup. Anything that isn't in your world is negative,
  10. The HF boards have thousands of posters there, closer to 7 to 1 posters here. What are here today? 20? They have 354 right now. Guess who is on the majority? Maybe there should be a forum for just the cheerleaders?
  11. Is there a single untruth there? Those are pertinent only because he turned down over a $100,000.00 scholarship to play close to home and his favourite team was Boston. Man you take anything not RAH, RAH so negatively. All I did was essentially state existing rules. I haven't heard that yet. Looking around.
  12. I am waiting to see what he does too, I just posted other possibilities not guarantee's. Will it be a one way contract? Will it have a large salary for Utica? Will it be a max contract with bonuses? Sooo negative to wonder.
  13. I see you didn't actually read the previous posts, hardly back pedaling when stated before your accusations.
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