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  1. Kathy B. wants to talk to you if you are around.

  2. Hey i was kidding around and i agree with you it does seem where truculence was needed, this team goes for pacifism, other team go for size, this team does too, anyone Benning can look down on, small size. The only thing Groot could have gotten out of Pronger video's is being dirty
  3. This is confusing Gaurdian. What does “lame duck” GM, handcuff his trades or babysit them even mean? And the last paragraph...well who the heck knows what that means either. Lame duck refers to a GM in the last year of his contract, usually meaning he will not be there to see his work or the owner will not let him make any substantial moves he is just warming the seat so to speak. If a GM knows he is to be gone he might make a move that could delay progress or not end up good in the long term like signing and Eriksson type deal, good for the moment but bad long term, he is only worried about saving his job. Handcuffing trades is the same, he could trade away...say Horvat for some good picks this year but he won't be invested to trade for next year's picks. All players take a year or so to get used to the NHL, so bring up Lind, Gadovitch, Gaudette, OJ, Woo, Lockwood, Zhukenov, Jasek, Brisebois, McEney, Madden, Rathbone, MacEwen, Karlsson all to get a shot in the league, they are all possible to go through waivers. The team will not do very well and end up in the lottery again but now they will have many prospects that have seen the NHL that will enhance any deals to trade up in the 2020 draft or even get additional 1rst round picks. The team picks another one or two top ten picks. The following year will likely be the lockout/strike, 100% so far and Seattle wanted to play next year but it was delayed and a lot of players have huge signing bonuses payable July 1, before a strike or lockout can be declared in September. Should that happen and with new draft rules to actually help bottom feeders, there is an excellent chance for another top ten pick. Then starting fresh in 2021 the team loaded with enough top talent to be a force for a decade or longer with a good and thoughtful GM. I only have to put up with him one more season, it is if any deals he does resemble the one's he has done already, trading picks next year, signing old FA's to bad deals. What i never liked was the non answers or the generic every team answer, "we want to get younger", "we want to be faster" but never a plan to do so or any urgency to do so if anything more delaying. My opinion of Hughes is he is too small for his position in the playoffs, he looked good his first game but he looked small. That's okay for forwards but can be a critical problem for a defender. IMO Stecher is as well. This team has defence that is not up to NHL standards, that being 41 wins and 41 losses. I hope the kid does well because Benning hasn't done well drafting dmen, in his entire career. As far as winning cups right now, no impossible and this is not the first time building thought the draft has happened but the other time astute trades were made as well, bleive me i am far from those that think this is done over nite but i do know this can be done faster than 7 years, no matter what you think this is year 5 of Benning and going into year 3 of rebuilding with Benning. Hindsight will judge teh GM, so far all except Quinn (and even he got burned a bit) have been really bad after they leave, blamed for years of failing after the fact, all of them, so that he will be dissected after and found wanting is a guarantee. And you are right, never has Vancouver ever had so many top ten picks without trading for them, losing does have a silverlining the w0rser they are the better the picks. One more bad year, a pause and then playoffs for ten years minimum, but it needs one more bad year.
  4. One thing about being a scout, a scout's success isn't about finding just the stars it is about finding players that can play in the NHL, a GM's job is getting stars to build a good team so bums are in the seats. The ultimate goal of the GM is to sell tickets.
  5. Who the **** were you watching? He played plenty tough. Not sure what some of you guys are expecting? Hes a big man who skates as good as anyone and can move the puck. He threw hits and would fight. What more were you hoping for? Willie D is that you??? Edited yesterday at 08:48 AM by CanuckGAME He is just trolling you, Malik that's a laffer.He knows Benn remembers
  6. It is rocket science to many. Elite win games, elite are not common so more picks are needed. Simply making the NHL is not good enough. Every 1rst round pick has/is making the team with the exception of OJ so far, why not trade for more 1rst's if that is true? The returns, project AHL players their draft teams have given up on and are happy to get a #32 to 36 overall pick, are on a team that has not won. This is good? The returns have lost more games.
  7. that's complete nonsense wadr. He told Marek in between periods at a top prospects game.
  8. Everyone knew he was taking OJ even before the first pick was made, MacKenzie was talking about it in the pre-draft shows he was just unsure about Chyrchun or Jullevi but Chyrchun had dropped a lot. Everyone knew. That so much of his thoughts become public is scary because he never talks about 2 years from now, he hardly talks about more then 3 months in advance, he has no long term plan. It is his last year on his contract, let it run out, he is a "lame duck" GM, handcuff his trades or babysit them. Plan for one year of training and development in the NHL and the team will be set for the next ten year, make the playoff and rebuild in 3 years.
  9. The standings ARE the ultimate gauge of good vs bad but being better than DFL is not a good thing, this year is a fluke similar to the McDavid draft many fast drops in the standings only to rebound the next year, it didn't mean the team had improved only the rest of the team "tanked" for a better shot at the big two. You have to be careful with the points, 82 OTL's equals 82 points or .500 winning percentage and beating Tampa was a good accomplishment but one game is not a series. You are correct they will eventually improve but too much losing can cause really bad "mojo" if the boys keep not being successful, 50 losses a year is not a good thing. They look good losing is the system but they "look" good. Gillis was a great GM, Burke was a great GM, Nonis was on the cusp, until they were fired, they all get fired, none quit on their own and after they are fired they are shredded and blamed for years. Benning will have his tenure under a magnifying glass, every move, every miss, his tenure will end up with the worst 5+years in the team's history and he will be credited with the most top 10 picks as being only he could select a top ten draft pick and have success. I don't think the sky is falling, i think it fell 3+ years ago and not enough has been done to correct that denial, the biggest fail has been to not trade for more draft picks, each year the team gets 7 picks, so if the team can collect an additional 3 1rst round picks, like NYR's did, they just had 3 years of rebuilding in one year. Actually you can project what will happen down the road if the variables aren't changed, four years ago is the same, three years ago is the same, as two years ago, is the same as last year, is the same as....and if the argument is they are different because of different players then the only constant left has to be removed, the management group which is the same, year after year after year... Not enough kids playing in the NHL, this year three got a shot, one made the team expectantly, Pettersson, they were already talking of him playing a year in the AHL, Gaudette got in because Sutter and Beagle injuries and Hughes plays 4 games. Demko i just consider pretty much a 4 year pro already. Boeser, Pettersson and Hughes? in 6 years of drafting. Need many more picks at that rate. Yes the effort put out by these guys, playing at their career bests does look exciting and worth buying a ticket, but supporting losing is not going to get the managment to try to improve the team, just cut costs and make more money without doing any team improvement. I respect your point of view, you are supporting the players more than the team results. I am trying to just not let fans get fooled by repeats. This has happened before and will happen again just learn from before. Let Benning's contract run out, he won't be fired that way but really watch what he is going to do, put limits on him anyone can see that one more bad year and it is done for 10+years, too soon and this team is doing this all again in 3 years.
  10. This season too many teams are bad, even thought the Canucks will finish higher next year they could take a step back, but we'll see. Benning is not a good GM, there is no amount of paint to cover the errors. That he is still in power one hopes his mistakes are no more than average, that means 50% or so. You gotta be lucky to be good, but you gotta be good to be lucky But you have to be bad before you can get good, the Canucks need one more REAL bad. Teams with only 3 good forwards and one dman are not doing anything but sitting in mediocrity, they are the "almost teams" even SanJose was/is one, but the signings last summer and at TDL might make a difference. But they are still not talked about as cup favourites.
  11. Harder if not as accurate, but even that is hard to determine because he was used so much on the PK and matched up against the best of the other team, Willie wanted to make him look bad, but he just endured. Willie apparently really hates the "Ruskis" trouble with Tryamkin and now Kovalchuk? It is the optics. Now that Hughes has suited up OJ has become a marginal dman when the team D is discussed or is a add in like forgotten.
  12. Benning by passed two players with much superior numbers that Byram, the thing Byram has that Benning likes is he is smaller than league average, it seems Benning is determined to ice a team the same size as he was when he was cut for being too small. Small is okay for the easy season, build for the real season, playoffs.
  13. I know Groot never got to many PP opportunities but he has a cannon and his wrist/snap shot is superior to Jake or Brocks, Benning wants to seriously try for the playoffs and miss an opportunity at Alexis Lafrenière, Quinton Byfield, Anton Lundell and Noel Gunler then he goes to Russia and buys Tryamkin's contract, this is a common thing in Europe and even though the Canucks cannot honor that contract, NHL rules, they can offer him a new one. They will not do that though because there will be a labour stoppage in 2020/2021 so they are better off making sure they don't end up in the same boat as many "almost" teams.