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  1. Kathy B. wants to talk to you if you are around.

  2. Go for the Finn, a winger to play with either Pettersson or Horvat. Even though Hughes MIGHT be an upgrade for Horvat, he might also end up being another Nolan Patrick, a serviceable player that resembles Horvat already but needing more time. The Finn is already playing vs big men in Finland where they play a closer style to NA, Hughes is playing vs less skilled opponents. He could be great but the team could use size and wingers. Want to lose for ?? Then the 2020 draft - Alexis Lafrenière with a consolation of maybe Quinton Byfield or one of the other 5 guys being noticed. A one, two punch of Pettersson - Lafreniere/Byfield with Horvat and Gaudette, a very potent middle, Size, EP 6'2", - AL - 6'2" QB - 6'5", Horvat 6' (tank), Gaudette 6'1+" and then wingers Boeser - 6'1", Kakko 6'3"/Podkolzin 6'1" - Lind, 6'3" - Gadovitch - 6'3", Goldy - 5'11" Tryamkin, Hughes, Tanev/Edler, Stecher, Hutton, + a STUD Next two drafts - 2019 - #2-7, 2020 #1 - 7 Forwards Maybe by then the team is looking to move Horvat for a STUD and Gaudette takes his place. All done, playoffs and cup run 2020/2021 if there is a season if not then a great draft pick for 2021 and a cup run, playoffs. This is A PLAN, TWO YEARS, DONE! Then the polishing. But Benning cannot be allowed to be 100% in charge of trades, drafting or signing contracts or signing FA's.
  3. In a draft year when there are not many dmen in the top 20, that is not a year to draft a dman regardless if the team needs one, draft a forward and then load up on dmen the rest of the draft. I would suggest a trade but another Pouliot for a draft picks isn't what this team needs or even signing another Stecher, I think they have done that with Hughes, no over powering point shot and the team needs one for the PP. Bring back Tryamkin, he is a PP guy in Russia. This year and next, go for the draft, even trade this year's picks for next years. Hey Linden said the Canucks had paid for a number one when they announced the draft was gong to be held in Vancouver, think it may be true? And if the Nucks did get the #1 overall, Hughes (often injured and missing many games/tournaments this year) or the 6'4" Finn? IMO the Finn.
  4. I have a feeling OJ goes back to Europe next year after surgery, to play into shape because there is more skating and less hitting. Also there is no "testing" while in recovery there.
  5. In 5 years? Pettersson - 10M+ Boeser - 7.5M to 8M Horvat 5.5M - 7.5/8M Juolevi 4.5M Hughes - 6M - ? Demko - 6M Gaudette - 3M Virtanen - 4.25M - 5.5M Goldobin - 4.25M Tryamkin - 3.5M - 6.5M Di Pietro - 3M
  6. Crystal Ball...the new CBA restricts contract lengths to 6 years so more teams can make the playoffs/ As t stands now Olly's 9.5 mil per year doesn't look so bad but if they had to resign him last year he would be getting McDavid money. The league will work the contracts so teams can not become dynasties of even repeat appearances. Not good for overall business. The draft will go back to something like the McDavid draft where the bottom three are in one draw and the rest in another, there will be term requirements not just on tank and there. There will be a "franchise" player clause. There will be a lost year so contracts will be affected in some way(s). I see a poster praised Benning for wasting 35 million dollars by spending to the cap for the now worst team in the league over the last three years and this year so far. I lot of hype over the modest run of games, great to see the young kids playing (Benning you were wrong again about them needing to play in the AHL). I hope Benning isn't let near a pen when the next contracts are signed.
  7. TO just waits until July 15 and buys out Marleau, this doesn't help too much for that year but the following season they get the 6+ mil cap savings, maybe he even gets an injury. All the talk now about offer sheets for Mathews don't forget Boeser with those rumours. Arizona would be smart to go all in for Mathews and/or Marner, make offer sheets to both. Then they have the hammer for trade talk. TO could always just throw a contract out there with retention to make room as well.
  8. I just did the draft lottery thing, 5 times, 1rst 2X, 3rd & 4th, unprecedented. To move up 6 spots twice
  9. I think this announcement of the expansion date just guaranteed the league will act first to insure Seattle starts on time with a number of years without interruption. IMO the league presses really hard for the new CBA and cuts the season short or down right off the bat when a lot of FA's are still looking for work. Next September will tell, I am sure the NHL will elect to end the CBA, the side of the negotiations that moves first usually has an advantage at least in perception. They will be side negotiating from a position of strength.
  10. Wrong year, new CBA will be done before May 2021. And hopefully the Canucks have one more year of training kids to play and get another top 7 pick. IF there is a labour dispute for that year, previous years standings are used for the draft. If they revise the draft to do what it was supposed to do they might revert to 2014 rules with some qualifier exceptions, like multiple seasons at the bottom of the standings.
  11. One really big question, What happens if the 2020/2021 season is cancelled due to another labour disruption? Seattle wanted to join next year, really wanted to. I think that they delayed it one year indicates a probable labour dispute. Combine that with numerous player contracts that minimize salary (loss) and/or increase bonus payments (July 1, before deadline) for that year show a great possibility. There are many important issues for the players, Olympics, Euro games, escrow, FA issues, contract length, maybe even contract structures and revised draft rules. IF the 2020/2021 season is dissolved how will that impact Seattle expansion? I am sure it will be clear like mud until just before so Seattle can take advantage of mistakes.
  12. Just responded to you regarding Mike gillis interview, please check it out. I'm at tonights game in section 320, am an 11 game ice pack holder. I'll be wearing a Golden Knights jersey as I am an ice pack holder of the canucks and Vegas as well, cheers. If your at tonights game I'll buy you a beer and we can  chat that painful 2011 loss, cheers Anthony

    2018-19 Golden Knights Schedule .jpg


    1. TheGuardian_


      I surrendered my season tickets a few years ago so I don't go very often. Maybe another time. I drink beer :)

    2. vancouverbucsfan


      After tonights meltdown I might give up on my ice pack next season starting! Getting disappointed with the team and their progress. Should have at least got a tie tonight and a point rather than Delsaster taking a dumb penalty that cost us the game! Grrr!

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