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  1. Kathy B. wants to talk to you if you are around.

  2. Even #10 can be exceptional, Coho had more points than Taveras in WJC, twice named OHL player of the year and was only a few points behind in the rookie scoring despite playing 10 min less per game and fewer games, except RNH was injured and missed some. If not for his severe back injury he may have ended up being the steal of that draft. If he had won the rookie of the year he would have received additional millions in bonuses so one can see why some one in his group may have pushed for more ice time, he was the engine running the second unit PP and when he departed the PP dropped 5+% in the immediate game after and never recovered. That's the past but Gillis sure did pick winners with his only two top 10 picks. IMO i like either the Russian or Finn over Hughes again because of size, this is a really poor draft year for exceptional skill after the top 3, quite a drop off. But If the Nucks did get a top 3 pick i would hope they take on of the three and concentrate on big dmen after. The 2020 draft is deep and has many more in the exceptional catagoery with one in the generational class. ( maybe an outside chance for two).
  3. Well only about two weeks to the lottery. The team faces three teams playing to make the playoffs or position and ramping up. Refs are starting to practice playoff style, less calls and game management, letting the boys play. Small teams are losing unless very, very good. IMO the best is maybe two more spots down. did the sims today, 4 tries in all, two thirds and a second.
  4. From Capfriendly; Retained Salary This contract was involved in a retained salary transaction. The resulting costs and cap hit are therefore split between each team based on the percentage of salary retained by the respective teams. Vancouver Canucks: 15% Cost Calculations BUYOUT DATE BASE SALARY REMAINING S.BONUS REMAINING YEARS REMAINING BUYOUT LENGTH AGE BUYOUT RATIO TOTAL COST TOTAL SAVINGS ANNUAL COST Jun 15, 2019 $3,618,000 $0 3 6 40 2/3 $2,412,000 $1,206,000 $402,000 Cap Hit Calculations SEASON BASE SALARY INITIAL CAP HIT ACTUAL COST SAVINGS FINAL CAP HIT 2019-20 $1,618,000 $5,333,333 $402,000 $1,216,000 $4,117,333 2020-21 $1,000,000 $5,333,333 $402,000 $598,000 $4,735,333 2021-22 $1,000,000 $5,333,333 $402,000 $598,000 $4,735,333 2022-23 $0 $0 $402,000 -$402,000 $402,000 2023-24 $0 $0 $402,000 -$402,000 $402,000 2024-25 $0 $0 $402,000 -$402,000 $402,000 TOTAL $3,618,000 $15,999,999 $2,412,000 $1,206,000 $14,793,999
  5. There are much worse contracts out there, the NHL will take care of penalties because those other franchises are Bettman buddies and can't take the hits. Sutter, Parise I maybe reading it wrong but a think CapFriendly states the Nucks are only hit for 15% of the cap hit. The perfect scenario for the Canucks would be to trade Markstrom for a pick or two in 2020, his age in 3 years will start to be a issue and Demko would be pushing him out by then if not sooner or should be, and trade for Luongo to come back for next season, the CBA year will wash out a year and if he retires then the hit is negligible, he comes back as a backup and mentor, he did a great job with Schnides as a mentor. That is just next year with Demko getting 50+ games or so, next year the wins an losses should be a side bar, next year should be about training prospects and picks in the NHL. So one year of Luongo as backup and mentor, then the CBA year and then Luongo retires or is injured indefinitely, the Nucks sign another backup or bring Dipietro along
  6. You must be hated as well. While SOOooo many poster will kneel at Benning's feet because he is perfect and knows everything they choose to ignore items like you mention, injuries are a surprise, didn't see that happening, spending some 85 million on FA's for the worst team in the league the last 4 years, this is a good thing? But you see the easy out is, "it is not his fault" it is the guy that was before him going on 6 years ago, 2013/2014. Credited with being a 50% success in top ten picks so far but "some may be better in another 3 or 4 years", this team is so bad why aren't these "successes" in the NHL like other teams have their picks? Is it possible they are not that good and the longer it takes for the fans to see is good for his job or ….ticket sales? Regardless now, at this time I hope someone in power of this team looks at the future, not just next year but up to the CBA year and Seattle expansion. The team could make the playoffs next year, that is no big deal half the teams make it just spend 25 mil on a bunch of FA dmen, the team would be good for one year because it is really two years with the lockout/strike coming. The other idea could be to train as many of these prospects/projects/picks next year, lose with a purpose, training future NHL players, even when they come from the aHL they still need mucho time to acclimate to the NHL game so just skip the one step, the team will not be very good but it would not be on the players shoulders because no matter how hard they try they still lose, it would be because they have so many new layers learning to play and win in the NHL. The upside is three fold, many very young prospects/projects/picks being evaluated, trained and traded if desired, likely top 10 pick in 2020 and the lockout/strike year would give them all a year to train to what they need to improve on, remove the stigma of years of losing, literarily a new start after a year off, quite possibly an additional top 10 pick. For Expansion there will be many prospects/projects/picks to trade for really good 3rd/4th line proven NHL players, enough cap space to take a bad contract for a top pick. A new GM might see this; for one more year of rebuilding the team in 2021 Starting after a labour stoppage, time off, a fresh start. BB, HB, EP, QH JV, TD, MD, NT, TS, 2019 1rst, 2020 1rst, 2121 1rst, 35 mil in cap space
  7. The Canucks appear to be trying to finish .500 in points as an accomplishment. Of course this has nothing to do with actual games won and lost, their current record is 31 W and 42 L, so a .500 wins/loss record is out of their reach but. They have managed to make a top ten pick more of a wish, pure lottery luck and added a year to the rebuild. Edmonton continues to teach what not to do, although this lesson was also demonstrated by Colorado, both teams made the playoffs too soon and both will/did need to do a mini blow up, drop and get great picks and then resurgence, an added 4 years of ineptitude.
  8. I didn’t say I did either, old or young I could care less about that with a player as far as if they’re effective on the ice or not. Contractually, until recently, younger guys generally were on cheaper deals after their ELC’s so there’s that to consider. I agree though, at that point I believe the mandate was simply trying to jumpstart the roster than overhaul it. Don't get caught up on any ownership directions to Linden, he came here with carde blanche, ownership more than willingly took a step back from anything Canucks until the kids were out of school. The way the team was run, you have to look at Linden's background, a polite hockey player, ever hear him swear or curse? A labour leader for a dozen years, a city icon. He was the perfect marketing move to allow for 6 years of failure. Linden's contract was the same duration as Bennings. Linden the Labour leader who had mucho sympathy for the trials and tribulations of being a hockey player being treated like a piece of meat gets a job where he is in control of all things hockey. A position that he can control, the enemy's turf, he can be the "players" owner. So; No trades of veterans after September 2014. No asking to give up clause until the last few months Generous contracts for aging veterans with guarantee's of stability. The Medicine Hat connection. The Portland connections Old buddy's and players, have you ever heard of Benning swearing or cursing? I bring up this swearing, cursing stuff in a context that some posters will be upset with, but in some religions and some very religious people the sins are great and Linden/Benning appear to be extremely …..pious. Linden did not lie when he said the owners did not interfere, it was his abhorrence to lying that kept him from saying "rebuild" and even then he added "but we are not doing anything different", back to the truth. Year four, owners approach Benning first because they already know Linden's stand, Linden leaves two months before his contract ends (option). Benning given a 2 year contract to 2020/2021 with an option, to load up on top draft picks, prospects. Benning signs FA's knowing the 2020/2021 season is probably lost and then the buy out is lower on the last year if needed. it is only two guys, Edlers contract might be 3 years but should be 2 with option. If he is replaced I hope it is with an astute GM who knows the team needs blowing up and a restart which should be completed in 3 years or Benning is nurse maided and handcuffed signing FA's and trades, I hope they hire a cap consultant because they dont' seem to be able to negotiate contracts worth a ….
  9. The last 10 to 12 games, this is where the really big TANKS happen. The Canucks can go from the #6 draft position to the #15 in two weeks. AND So many would be posting about how good the team is going to be next year
  10. Totally agree but they came up with another twist, they issue several hundred numbers to each team that represent that teams chances and the won't publicize what those numbers are so it is still a mystery. They have shown the ball drop though, but without knowing the combinations.....
  11. I didn't think the team would go any lower but a losses to the Devils, Kings and the Ducks might put LA on the door step. There is no way the Nucks catch Detroit or Ottawa. The schedule looks pretty tough for the rest of the season and it does not look like teams will be "resting" any players, they will play hard, get a lead and then ease off. You can tell because the hitting stops. The players will not tank, BUT their bodies are their business so some things may decline, shot blocking, hitting, scrums, it is just human nature to ease up now when the day is done and the light at the end of the tunnel is far off. They will want to be healthy for the next contract. In the last 5 or 6 games played it can be seen that the opposition has eased up, backed off or whatever to prevent injuries. I can see Boeser taking time off to get his wrist corrected again. Obviously something wrong with it, taped up all the time, poor accuracy, velocity is down, longer to get the shot off.
  12. You see that is what I do try to avoid is the "he should have taken him". Whether I was successful or not I meant to show he took the wrong player at that draft spot, if a dman then comparison other dmen within some reason at the time of the draft, McAvoy was kind of out there so I didn't use him. Would the team look different with Calgary's heart, probably, Tkachuk and Horvat with Boeser would have been more than handful but hindsight is always 100% correct, no I am posting that Benning made a mistake much bigger than just not taking Tkachuk, his judgement was way off, he missed 7 or 8 other players that are all playing for the only one not playing, really bad judgement.
  13. 50/50 When the term "consensus" is used it means an average of the 15+ scouting services available to NHL teams okay? Brock Boeser was ranked #22 by consensus, that means was a gift dropped into Benning lap, it isn't like he was ranked #33 and Benning took him early, But, Elias was ranked lower, around #9 so in his case Benning did steal him.
  14. ? Bob McKenzie had Juolevi ranked 6th... NHL Central Scouting had him ranked #8 and behind Chychrun, International Scouting Service had him ranked #11 and both Sergachev and Chychrun ahead of him, Craig Button had him ranked #10 with Sergachev ahead. Lets see Sergachev - 147 games, 14 goals 51 assists 65 points Chychrun - 165 games, 16 goals, 37 assists 53 points Juolevi - 0 games, 0 goals, 0 assists for 0 points The other thing to point out is the number of forwards also ranked higher by concensus that now have over 130 NHL games played. SO Ya, pick the BPA, if picking top 5 select one of the consensus top 5, the larger one.
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