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  1. Could you please enlighten me as to the specific problem is?

    This is not a trade suggestion.

    It is not GM talk.

    It is simply using today's trade as setting the bar for other deals if made and comparing them to similar Canuck players.

    Perhaps you could help me with the wording please.


    1. Alflives


      I would be interested in the response too:)

  2. You can read the message I sent him? That's  okay I didn't do anything that should  be considered bad.

    BTW, I was only just getting started with the statements, it was merely to show that where a trade was never contemplated it  is now being discussed as well as the Sedins talking about retirement and their personal goals.

    As I said the forum is entertainment in and of itself so opinions are sought out and cultivated.

    And I truly do think this management group is missing the bus in the very important areas,   almost   like  they don't  work for the team, but work for the league and just get paid by the team.

    Did you know that the Aquilini's don't own the the team, they own the franchise, the NHL owns the team. That came out of the Coyotes bankruptcy court document's and the secret NHL papers, the constitution and bylaws.

    1. Cerridwen


      Everyone here can read posted to Alf AND to Stealth in the public areas of the board. You are questioning an Admin/Moderator's actions in the public areas of the board. This is to be undertaken via private message.

    2. Cerridwen


      *As per the board rules.


  3. Why don't you try to start a thread about how it would affect the Canucks IF and OR when the Sedins are traded.

    Something like Life Without The Sedins or something, whether traded injured or retired, only happening earlier than the end of their contracts. Or what happens if they aren't resigned and go somewhere else. The entire subject is ripe with repercussions. Try it in the Canucks Talk forum.

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    2. Alflives


      My way of showing disapproval for thread closures is to minus the moderator who closes the thread.  it's not much, but it's me.


      There were several threads about life after the Twins.  There was one I remember that dealt specifically with trading them.  Then another about how our rebuild will truly begin when they are gone.  Another, I think was about how they are too good to allow us to tank.  I wonder if they all, eventually got locked?  Interesting investigation for one of the young, smart computer types.  





    3. TheGuardian_


      I messaged him about 1 minute after, haven't heard a thing.

      Hey it's all about   getting the fans and poster involved, it is just entertainment.


      I gave hi some really  long messages, I didn't swear, I didn't say bad things about him/her, I just chatted about  forum content and the differences between the same subject but in two different forums and what those differences are.


      You should try to start the thread I suggested. 

    4. Cerridwen


      Alf obviously has read the board rules and has paid heed to them. It always helps to make sure someone you're messaging is actually online to see your messages and respond in a timely manner. Patience is key. Also mentioned in the board rules. Not mini-modding but pointing out that this need never have been written had you taken the time to read those same board rules.

  4. Why is talk in this forum, similar to the McKenzie thread, a bad thing? Why is talking about the Sedins indicating they are willing to be traded a bad thing?

    I put it there for discussion and how it would relate to the team's (Benning) and their other moves.

    This forum has predictions, speculation and rumours throughout it. Every time someone suggests new lineups, that is speculation, every time someone suggests the outcome of a game that is a prediction and every time Benning makes a move or non move, it is a discussion, every trade ends up being dissected here, cap implications, salary woes, injuries, excuses for not being good, excuses for not doing anything, all are found within this forum.

    Everything I posted in this thread was factual and directly involved what Canuck players are quoted to have said regarding not only Vancouver, but their hockey careers.

    The thread had just started, they are supposed to engage the  reader, to entertain, to get posters to participate.

    Two different forums, one for how it effects the team/players and one for what the team might or could do.

    Quite often one thing that happens is found of both forums with different outlooks and content.

  5. One thread? The other thread is in a different forum and in this one I did nothing more than many other posters when speculating about what the lines would look like. That it got highjacked and you allowed it to be closed isn't changing the difference between the two.

    If only allowed to talk about the interview once then I choose the one you closed off.

    The other had to do with trading the Sedins and the return.

    Thank you


  6. I now have about 4 or 5 trolls that do everything they can to derail the subject of the post to make them about me rather than the subject line.

    Apparently that is okay with the moderators, hence this latest thread that was dealing with events of the day with minimum personal input to start, which got high jacked anyway and then closed off, by you, a moderator.


    Why aren't these poster's, whose contributions are mostly ridiculing the author's, be disciplined?


    This thread lasted what? 15 minutes? What if I had an entire story line that I was proof reading prior to adding to the thread.


    It would be nice to get an answer.

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    2. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      @Warhippy Couldn't have said it better! 

    3. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      LOL at biggest troll calling out others as trolls.... :lol:

    4. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      @TheGuardian_ Honest advice. All you have to do is this: If you want to make a thread because you have a thought or opinion, stop. Think to yourself, is there already a thread on this? Search if necessary (example: draft). Then post said thought or opinion in the already open thread instead of making your own. Problem solved. 

  7. The title was to allow for the next few trades as well.


    As far as redundant there are the numerous threads that deal with each trade or move, this was to be an ongoing thread dealing with whether each trade or move and improves the team. 

    1. Templeton Peck

      Templeton Peck

      While I appreciate you had good intentions, trying to create an ongoing thread is difficult on these forums. People create new threads based on what's currently going on and prefer discussions in separate threads for the most part because discussions get lost otherwise.


      There are already 5 threads on the trade covering various subjects at the moment.



    2. TheGuardian_


      How can one post about the quality of the team if each time there is a trade that subject becomes redundant?


      I will try to revive an very old post.

    3. LuckyLuciano


      Viva revolucion!

  8. Houston "We have a Problem"; Four little words but what an understatement. Trade Deadline Day; "Nothing happened today", okay it's over and in the past but the ramifications and perceptions are all out of proportion to a simple "Nothing happened today". The public and league perception is that there were deals on the table, a list of players available and a perceived willingness of management to do a deal. For those players on the list, Vancouver isn't going to be home for long, for the league, those players don't have much value to the team. For players, NMC, NTC's don't have much value in Vancouver, if management wants a player to move and they have one, somehow it goes public and if a deal isn't done, the player is ostracized. League perception could now be, don't deal with the Canucks because they overvalue their players, will try to squeeze more out at the last minute, the first deal suddenly becomes not good enough, are run by committee so quick decisions take time. The next deals the Canucks do the rest of the GM's will smell blood in the water, the Canucks will feel the need to do something and therefore can be fleeced. Public perception is incompetence or interfering resulting in a loss of trust. Chicago approached the Nucks about Hamhuis with an offer, Canucks approach Hamhuis about the deal, it goes public, Hamhuis agrees to wave for cup contender in western conference, mentions Chicago. Dallas hears and makes an offer, Hamhuis publically says okay to both, two days later Chicago pulls the plug and makes their deals prior to deadline day, Dallas is left the only suitor, Canucks delay reach out to LA to pressure Dallas for a better deal, Dallas moves on to Russell, Canucks left having Hamhuis dangling in the air and now no deal, Canucks revisit Dallas offer, at 3:05 PM Dallas reports to TSN they are finished for the day, Canucks close up shop at 3 PM thinking there are no more deals, Dallas calls, no one answers, trade pulled from NHL central registry. Many reason's have been floated about the "why" deals didn't happen, but by the way Benning's buddies, in the media, are circling the wagons there might be some truth other than stated. Blame ownership, blame the NTC, blame the player, blame a poor market, blame the other team, blame everyone and anyone, BUT DON'T BLAME MANGEMENT. Plausible deniability, Dallas media reported Jim Nill said that the Nucks didn't answer the phone after 3pm. If they didn't answer the phone, then they didn't know, hence to the best of their knowledge, there was no deal. This screams of inexperience and ....... The concept that is was better to do nothing than to get something makes no sense. The Canucks could have saved money, not that is the prime reason and not to say they would not have retained some but, why not save 1.2 mil and get a 4 or 5th round draft pick? The money saved alone makes the deal worth any pick, especially if the player re-signs. The idea the deal isn't done for such a low pick so the player isn't or doesn't feel disrespected doesn't wash either, do you think Dallas wants a player playing that feels his new club didn't value him? Especially if they think they might be able to sign him themselves, even if it is remote? Does the league really believe the Canucks are willing to spend an extra 1.2 mil, not get a draft pick back all the while having the player re-sign at the end of the season and have the public fallout just to "look good"? The ramifications of "Nothing happened today" might end up being as big for the team as Houston, "We have a problem" was for NASA, scrambling to do anything necessary to salvage the mission and turn a catastrophic failure into some kind of victory. Only this team doesn't have a thousand rocket scientists to solve the problem. The team is using all their influence to turn public perceptions that it wasn't managements fault, it was _________ fill in the blank. The loss of trust by the public will hurt future sales of the brand, the Nuck management looks less than competent to the rest of the country (embarrassing for fans) and league. There are 29 vultures circling the team now, and they all know more than we the fans do. This day will turn into a magnifying glass focused on management.
  9. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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      So you are telling me this is not what we live for?

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      I forgot what you said. Care to repeat it?

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      In the past I couldn't type this here. So fail.