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  1. For those teams still without a goalie, Connor Hellebuyck is still on the market. Ideal return will be prospects and picks with more emphasis on the prospects
  2. Didn't know I had agreed to a 3-way deal, but non the less thanks to @Dak Prescott and @Tony Romo for a quick negotiation. We had one too many NHL Dmen and E.Johnson was expendable. This also fills out need in our top 6 as we feel weak on the wings. Happy to add Tyler to the team
  3. Erik Johnson has been dealt. Focus now on Ian Cole. Not as pressing now as we are happy to sit at 7 Dmen. But still feel the need to upgrade the bot 6 and we keep striking out on FA
  4. Welcome to the Tampa Bay: Vladislav Namestnikov Erik Gustafsson Dmitry Semykin Linus Sandin So far we are ecstatic to bring in the above players. Hoping to snag a few more but so far free agency is looking like a success. On top of this we have a couple deals we are working on and will be very excited if they go through All in all a great start to the off-season for the Lightning
  5. Wow! Money well spent! Good get gents
  6. Add newest Carolina Hurricane Jesper Fast available as well
  7. Evgeni Malkin available - can retain, or add a pick as a sweetener, however will be looking to get value back, so don't mistaken this for a salary dump Brent Burns available. See description of Malkin. Same deal Anze Kopitar available. Again see description of Malkin Ideally looking to get younger, but can also take some cap back as well to help things if need be Others available. Alex Goligoski Adam Henrique Patric Hornqvist Patrick Marleau Jakob Silfverberg Freddie Andersen Nick Leddy Come one, come all to the Chicago firesale
  8. Erik Johnson (50% retained for the remainder of his contract) is available. Ian Cole - 26 pts this past season, on pace for career highs Both these Colorado defenders could be yours if the price is right! Also as goalies get snapped up, Connor Hellebuyck could be your guy. Vezina this past season, will be priced accordingly
  9. Excited to see this guy back!
  10. Round 2, Pick 43. Zion Nybeck - Picked Rd. 4, 115 (-72) Round 2, Pick 44. Luke Evangelista - Picked Rd. 2, 42 (+2) Round 2, Pick 48. Martin Chromiak - Picked Rd. 5, 128 (-80) Round 2, Pick 55. Tyler Tullio - Picked Rd 5, 126 (-71) Well, Kinda missed on some of these guys, but overall still feel good about the players that I added
  11. 68th Overall - Shakir Mukhamidulin (Defense) - 20th Ovr (+48) 71st Overall - Yan Kuznetsov (Defense) - 50th Ovr (+21) 76th Overall - Blake Biondi (Center) - 109th Ovr (-33) 91st Overall - Brandon Coe (Right Wing) - 98th Ovr (-7) 96th Overall - Jaromir Pytlik (Center) - 99th Ovr (-3) 97th Overall - Timur Ibragimov (Left Wing) - Drafted 2019 by San Jose 99th Overall - Joel Blomqvist (Goalie) - 52nd Ovr (+47) 133rd Overall - Aku Raty (Right Wing) - Drafted 2019 by Arizona 147th Overall - Bogdan Trineyev (Right Wing) - 117th Ovr (+33) Very happy with the draft. Felt like it was a success first year really diving in to the drafting world for me.
  12. Nice to see Shakir Mukhamidullin going 20th ovr and snagging him as a 3rd!
  13. Looking at talking shop for Connor Hellebuyck. Won the vezina this season. In a bit of a holding pattern with a potential deal so want to see what else it out there
  14. Tampa Bay Lightning 2020 Draft Recap: Starting the draft with 2 picks (3rd and 5th), and then ending up with 9 at the end of the draft (4 x 3rds, 3x4th and 2x5th), it ended up being a busy draft for the Lightning. Unfortunately it meant the movement of some bodies out, but overall we are very happy with our draft! Overall - Name - Position - The Hockey Writers Ranking 68th Overall - Shakir Mukhamidulin (Defense) - Ranked 59th 71st Overall - Yan Kuznetsov (Defense) - Ranked 70th 76th Overall - Blake Biondi (Center) - Ranked 112th 91st Overall - Brandon Coe (Right Wing) - Ranked 54th 96th Overall - Jaromir Pytlik (Center) - Ranked 63rd 97th Overall - Timur Ibragimov (Left Wing) - Drafted 2019 by San Jose 99th Overall - Joel Blomqvist (Goalie) - Ranked 75th 133rd Overall - Aku Raty (Right Wing) - Drafted 2019 by Arizona 147th Overall - Bogdan Trineyev (Right Wing) - Ranked 95th We feel we have a solid group of prospects here. Some are rated much higher in other rankings but we feel we covered all positions necessary and we are excited to see how they all develop over the years!