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  1. Late to the draft posting here, non the less Sasha Pastujov - (Drafted 25th overall 2021 FL Draft - Tampa Bay Lightning - Drafted 66th Overall 2021 NHL Draft (-41)) Xavier Bourgault - (Drafted 28th overall 2021 FL Draft - Tampa Bay Lightning - Drafted 22nd Overall 2021 NHL Draft (+6)) Shai Buium - (Drafted 65th overall 2021 FL Draft - Tampa Bay Lightning - Drafted 36th Overall 2021 NHL Draft (+29)) Florian Elias - (Drafted 91st Overall in the 2021 FL draft - Tampa Bay Lighting - Undrafted (NIL)) Niko Huuhtanen - (Drafted 115th overall 2021 FL Draft - Tampa Bay L
  2. Zuccarello talks heating up. Hope to have a deal in place by end of day. Looking for a fringe NHLer - Dman preferred but open to Forwards or even a goalie
  3. Tampa Bay assigns Kristian Veselainen and Aleksi Heponiemi to the Syracuse Crunch @Nail
  4. Mats Zuccarello and Mikael Backlund are both available
  5. Tampa Bay Selects Sasha Teleguine @Dion Phaneuf
  6. With pick 115, Tampa Bay Selects Niko Huuhtanen @Bombastik der Teutone / @Nail
  7. With the 91st Pick in this years draft, The Tampa Bay Lighting select, from Adler Mannheim, DEL Florian Elias @Mike Vanderhoek
  8. With the 65th Pick, The Tampa Bay Lightning are happy to select Shai Buium @inane x 2
  9. With the 28th pick, The Tampa Bay Lightning select Xavier Bourgault @Rush17
  10. Congratulation to @winterhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets on winning his 2nd CDCFL Cup. With the 25th Selection in the 2021 CDCFL Entry Draft, the Tampa Bay Lighting are pleased to select Sasha Pastujov @luckylager & @BoKnows
  11. Thanks to @theministerfor these negotiations. We inquired about Debrusk pre expansion draft and last night we finally pulled the trigger on the deal. Though he had a rough go last year, we felt that Debrusk is a player who can have a serious bounce back and regain the form he has just 2 seasons ago. We are also very pleased to add Filip Gustavsson who we feel is close to becoming at least a 1B in the NHL if not a starting very soon. We wish Will and Taylor the best of luck with the Kraken
  12. Thanks to @Primal Optimist for some quick and easy negotiations. Unfortunately we did not have Weber in our future plans, and once it came up that we could acquire a young guy like Logan Brown we jumped all over it! We wish Shea and Jamie the best of luck over in Vancouver, and we welcome Mikael and Logan to the Lighting Organization. Our goal this off season is to get younger and we feel adding Logan to the mix of fine young forwards we have is a great addiction to our team Thanks to @donut47 for this deal coming together. I am not going to lie, this deal both stings, but also
  13. Was wondering when he was going to go!
  14. As we head in to the expansion draft and the start of the Entry draft, Tampa Bay would like to make the following moves Release from Sheets: Nick Foligno Jesper Fast TJ Brodie Brayden Pachal Artyom Zagidulin Gilles Senn Call up: Phillipp Kurashev Mason Marchment Kristian Vesalainen We wish the 6 players we are releasing the best of luck in the future and thank them for everything in a Lightning and Crunch Uniform. @Nail
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