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  1. Speaking from experience I've been in St Albert for 3 years and I'm trying to come back to BC. You can have as many good coworkers as you want and I still feel isolated, I mean there's not a single family member here. Tryamkin is pretty much my age and I understand why he left, Vancouver was so sudden and he left everything, he still wants to play in the NHL but he's still young.
  2. We can also make trades, he is a vital guy for Vancouver and if his speed can be above average he definitely has a role with us. I hope.
  3. Oh for sure, it's just that while it's not truly special as I'm Canadian, I would love another Miracle on Ice if the Russians get stacked.
  4. While I'm disappointed that they don't plan out something that happens every 4 years for two weeks, it would be interesting to see if another miracle team can form should the Russians chose to defy the NHLs decision.
  5. Even in cities too. Do I want to spend $100 on basic seats watching the Oilers at Rogers Place, or great seats at $35 with the Oil Kings, and I can cheer for the Oil Kings.
  6. Some days I swear I have to look at the topic to ensure I didn't click on the wrong page.
  7. Even if he is that's a solid 5th rounder.
  8. Fair enough, I'll be excited for the young guys. Course I wish my favourite Non-Canuck wasn't in Edmonton...
  9. But Yotes I want to see the big Russian this Friday few advantages of living in Edmonton!
  10. Bump, for a guy we could really need right now
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