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  1. I feel like this is how the guy works, very quiet in the first half but turns up the jets before the playoffs
  2. I always knew you had that old time humour
  3. Top picks are essentially ready to step in the NHL as the league is a win now type of league. Sure Juolevi is ready but I would rather have a top 2 potential/top 4 ready prospect than a NHL prospect. You realize that defensive prospects have a harder time because the top 10 teams usually suck and you're being thrown in, only the Ekblads are able to handle that and they usually go 1st overall. So be upset that Sergechev is dominating but he's in a setting that can use him properly instead of desperation, and Juolevi will come in when he's ready/we're ready
  4. Since the Sedins are probably close to retirement I wouldn't be opposed to keeping them one more year having Pettersson as their winger, while they rely on defensive partners the time has come where they will be 3rd line players, so they can have Pettersson with them watching how they commit themselves on the ice/off plus having the Sedins play with him will help his transition from Swedan quite easily. I thought about Utica but we have 2 Swedish hero's who can make it easier on the kid.
  5. All he needs is confidence, his speed is unreal, he's shown puck handling. I think he just needs to work on his planning and take his edge to the net. His speed matches some of the best in the NHL, and the fact he's a takeaway machine could provide a lot of use in the top 6, he just needs to utilize his teammates better.
  6. Only 1 problem, Liljegren will be on Team Sweden. So a Leafs prospect will be feeding Pettersson the puck.
  7. Speaking from experience I've been in St Albert for 3 years and I'm trying to come back to BC. You can have as many good coworkers as you want and I still feel isolated, I mean there's not a single family member here. Tryamkin is pretty much my age and I understand why he left, Vancouver was so sudden and he left everything, he still wants to play in the NHL but he's still young.
  8. If that's what it takes to join the KHL I have to start following them ASAP. I can't skate but I'll play like P.K Subban in the 2014 Olympics.
  9. I feel like it's Greens idea, plant him with the Sedins and see how they handle themselves during game.
  10. I'll just come back next year seeing Juolevi is the new Virtanen...See all the positive posters next year!
  11. We can also make trades, he is a vital guy for Vancouver and if his speed can be above average he definitely has a role with us. I hope.
  12. hyper00

    Jordan Subban | D

    Well it's easy to get -34 with a team like Colorado Subban will be fine, he just needs to get it. Benning will know, and he'll be resigned if he can.
  13. Well I suppose it can be a hyperbole to say that, but I feel some days it feels like someone wants him to fail.
  14. It always felt like we weren't allowed to cheer for Canuck prospects that weren't the "Right pick" I don't care if they bust (I do of course) I'm cheering for them till the very end. Unfortunately some people have a "We picked the wrong kid so I hope he fails in his dream so I can prove I'm right"
  15. If we sent Virtanen and Boeser down it would make for a stacked AHL team, so I'm hoping they make it but watch out if they arrive...
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