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  1. He seems like the most tradable at the moment? No? O.J has played well imo. Rathebone doesn't look out of place. This year we will more than likely select a defenseman in the 1st. Is he our highest reward trade chip? Thoughts?
  2. There was supposed to be more to this haha.. my phone hates me. I think if we draft in the top 10 it's a win. This is a messed year and imo not a true visual of where we are. The late rounds are what I'm interested in. And if we make trades etc.
  3. I'll toss the first fireball at Roger's arena if that happens
  4. If I could only somehow get seen by jb and Franky. I'd pocket 10mil!
  5. With NYI hard up. What would it take to pry one of these guys away?
  6. Wonder what other deals are being worked out
  7. He looked fine on the top line... Pearson, Virtanen should be traded. Some Utica players are excelling this year. Clear cap. Prepare for draft and rfas
  8. They still have to pay him though. He needs a buy out or traded with a big sweetener.
  9. First. Pearson anywhere for a 2nd. Second Virtanen for Debrusk- or any similar swap. 3rd Ericsson and our 2nd plus b prospect to Ott or like team for a 7th.
  10. Okay everyone. I'm scared and alone. Send booze and sleeping pills. I need to wake up when it's over
  11. Good job. Dance monkey! Dance monkey! Right?
  12. You can't fault half the roster atleast. Living away from your family, isolated, expected to perform at 90 percent working as much as they do. Sad to say but the biggest take away from this season is how selfish fans are.
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