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  1. was Juo the BPA after Chucky ?
  2. By default, I hate drafting D men. But I welcome the encouragement. Your post helps
  3. D men are too high of risk at the draft. scary this pick
  4. I beg to differ on how easy that one is. Weber and Edler have the stubble going.
  5. Eyes look too brown in that pic for a Swede... Plus I'm not sure what his nic is across the front. Jocke Lack?
  6. Haha really... I knew that the organization treated Anton Belov like crap and ran him out the door. They brought him in from the K. Maybe Belov filled Larsen in on the stupidity
  7. Not that I take anything serious from the Oilers but Mark Spector and guys like that claim that Larsen is a waste of jet fuel to bring over here to try out in the NHL again
  8. Im gonna be miffed if Rodin doesn't make the team
  9. true and if he made the team , he'd be subject to waivers if he went down no ? Rodin will be subject to waivers if he starts as a fill in ?
  10. its a 1 way contract so... yeah. Its a spot
  11. Did we own his rights the whole time ? If not, where other teams interested in him ?