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  1. This Trump media site has the potential to be very dangerous. It's not only going to be a breeding ground for misinformation but it will encourage it. I don't know why but this scares me. I am no facebook fan by any means, I loathe it tbh, but this seems like it poses more of a threat.
  2. Did not expect Jared McCann to be my best performer...
  3. Ultimately, the missed tripping call on Rathbone and the Buffalo goal 30 seconds later was the back breaker. They lost focus after that and let in another 20s later. It sucks but they have to learn to refocus. We also missed Hughes and Boeser was showing a fair amount of rust. We can salvage the road trip with a couple of wins to finish off.
  4. So what's the official rule re goalie interference. Hoglander's skates were clearly in the white ice
  5. We got Hughes on a long term deal and Petey expires as RFA. We will be fine.
  6. Honestly it's not Chiasson's fault. He has played decently well. All 3 of Hughes, Miller and Pettersson have been mediocre so far. Can't have that and expect to win.
  7. This background music to the Toronto team introduction sounds like it's out of Mario Kart or something.
  8. It's going to be interesting to see how many games are lost to Covid protocol. I've already lost McCann and the season hasn't even started yet.
  9. With my luck Mike Reilly will go on to win the Norris
  10. @Master Mind@Petey_BOI I really like the teams you two have put together
  11. I selected Morgan Reilly of Toronto, not Mike Reilly of Boston haha. Other than that - it checks out.
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