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  1. Never forget flying to Vancouver from Calgary to watch Canucks and leafs with me extended family leafs fans to watch the Canucks vs leafs, Toronto up 3-0 going into the third, getting absolutely flamed from my extended family, and eddy the eagle wins the game in OT! suck it leafs fans (followed by a 10 person brawl outside with leafs fans going to the shark club)
  2. Man, so much happening today I find it hard to see where Luke will get ice time, to me I’d like to see a more bottom pairing permanent role
  3. You can’t just erase the entire bottom six, having Sutter and motte help all the new guys get settle into the the system will help travis
  4. Just here waiting for the flames to sign Edler and virtanen
  5. I think last year was bad in the dressing room, the frustrations that Miller and horvat let off on the ice shows Over payed and under performing guys in the bottom six they had no support
  6. ………..*1 minute later* checking in again! Nothing still? ……..*Refreshes*
  7. Canucks haven’t had a guy that could clear the crease since he left If they get some more defenceman hopefully travis plays him
  8. My cell phone bill will be through the rroof because I am checking this page every minute and I believe it’s only fair for @Bertuzzipunch to pay for my overage #take responsibility
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