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  1. Going to be hard to fit in My schedule two cAnucks games in one day
  2. Tofolli was a lot of our offence in the play offs so there is still a hole it sure as hell won’t be coming from the bottom six
  3. I bet benning has been in on a lot of the Free agents but due to greens first day camp bag skate those players have taken Vancouver off the list
  4. Our window is open and we need to make improvements to bottom six and defence to make the next step and we lost: markstrom tanev stetcher most likely tofolli and replaced all of them with holtby??? we didn’t buy anyone out, we didn’t move salary to sign players to fill those spots. there not much left in FA If your top six is Miller petey Boeser eriksson Horvat virtanen then we’re in trouble, not to mention the holes now on defence. JB is down to trades and it’s going to cost 1rst and 2nd round picks for the next few years to package salary and get a roster player back
  5. Defence needs a shake up I would be ok with Barrie and promoting with in for stechets spot, I think it’s OJ time save that money with putting in oj and get or keep that top 6 forward for BO
  6. Bo needs and deserves a top 6 winger we can not do this to him again and have holes in the top 6 tofolli or hall get it done move some salary, one way or another find a way, after years of holes in the top 6 and you fix finally fix it with tofolli, it’s not fair to leave him hanging again