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  1. Green deserves a 1 year show me deal with new assistant coaches, I believe baumer and brown have had enough chances and they need to go
  2. When the entire bottom six has like 8 goals and you are supposed to improve from the year before, something has to give l. Hoping to see virtanen go today but he survives yet another TDL picking up vesey and Boyd is benning trying to get some more ketchup out of the bottle
  3. The fact is over paid for Pearson and virtanen and all of the bottom six (except motte) and recently states he does not plan to be busy at the trade deadline is concerning! he plans to ice the same bottom six next year? Doesn’t plan to try and make space with big contracts due this year.... yikes! I don’t think I can stomach this bottom six again next year
  4. Starting to believe Jim benning couldn’t manage a Burger King
  5. I would be ok if the season came to an end for the Canucks, playoffs are unlikely, give everyone the proper rest needed instead of rushing to get back. focus on a top 10 pick and find a way to move some contracts season over. I can accept that
  6. Well all tho unfortunate news, it is prime time make some trades with extended time off
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