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  1. Check your brain. I suspect something is up in there
  2. Are you seriously comparing a virus that carries a 0.001 death rate to a virus that is proven to have a 1% death rate? Are you that freaking stupid or are you just brain damaged
  3. Can people just freaking shut up and get vaccinated?!? Omg, can’t teach uneducated anything. Freedom to die, that’s your choice. Don’t talk to me about your freaking so called freedom when your choice leads to death of others I.e. cancer patients/elderlies/people with a weak immune system etc. shut the freak up with your so called freedom that you stupid people keep using as an excuse to be selfish. Face the truth man, you are scared of the freaking needle that’s all it is cuz you all pussies. Go frack yourself pussies piece of $&!#s
  4. Hockey IQ and mentality cannot be taught. That’s the thing about Jake. He doesn’t the “brain” to play in the NHL. Physical dominance and skills alone do not translate to being a good player. It’s a shame though, he could’ve been a useful 4th or 3rd line guy.
  5. Can anyone tell me the difference between having me on the ice than Vesey, Boyd, Hawrelyuk, Michaelis, MacEwan etc. I don’t even remember who is in who’s not.
  6. Boeser I think could be on the market. With his bounce back season we could sell high. Brock is great for what he does but not at the price tag of 7.5 million. You gotta think there has to be thoughts about trading him? The most important pieces are Petey and Hughes. We just don’t have that type of money for BB.
  7. Doesn’t care about money? Team over himself? LOL They are not even locals. Why would they be loyal to us? From what I can see EP is a superstar in the making. He ain’t gonna receive a penny less than his actual worth. Many teams out there are happy to pay him full value. If we don’t, we are in trouble. I don’t understand why some fans over estimate players loyalty to the city of the team. Why would they be loyal?
  8. It’s funny how you assume that we automatically have better health care here.
  9. How do fans stomach another loss? It’s getting pathetic. Oh god, I miss markstrom and tanev
  10. Don’t think it’s greens fault. The roster sucks especially defense. There is nothing to work with.
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