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  1. Doesn’t care about money? Team over himself? LOL They are not even locals. Why would they be loyal to us? From what I can see EP is a superstar in the making. He ain’t gonna receive a penny less than his actual worth. Many teams out there are happy to pay him full value. If we don’t, we are in trouble. I don’t understand why some fans over estimate players loyalty to the city of the team. Why would they be loyal?
  2. It’s funny how you assume that we automatically have better health care here.
  3. How do fans stomach another loss? It’s getting pathetic. Oh god, I miss markstrom and tanev
  4. Don’t think it’s greens fault. The roster sucks especially defense. There is nothing to work with.
  5. Do you guys still think Demko and Holtby are good enough? What a joke, Demko has never been ready. He is just another backup goalie. What now? Holtby is a bit better but he also sucks. I don’t know why we let Marky go. Who did we have in the pipeline to let such an important player go? I would’ve done all in my power, if I were GM, to keep marky. Apparently they misjudged Demko’s talent level.
  6. Letting Markstrom and Taney walk? Sure, you all saw this coming. I said over and over again Demko is not ready. Markstrom is MVP level. Without Marky we don’t make the playoffs - simple. People seem content with getting mediocre players back after letting go of all star level players. What a joke.
  7. Lol, this is exactly what I thought as well. like honestly, who cares if macewan or Bailey or Graovac or Beagle or Erikson. They all do nothing, period.
  8. Cassie Campbell just said Miller talks with Pettersson about life. What the heck?! How does she know that?
  9. Give them a break they are kids of healthcare people for crying out loud. So it’s better that doctors, hospital workers and nurses stay home to take care of the kids instead of saving lives? It’s a sacrifice that everybody is making.
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