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  1. the team has not looked good so far.. but it hasnt been the team.. tonight is a good look at what our team might be
  2. hughes career numbers is minus 34. Dont know how you can say his actual is plus 32.. but you're right Dahlin is worse. On the last place team in the league
  3. what I am saying is they are both great YOUNG players with alot of potential but they have not done anything yet to warrant big contracts. PERIOD., and yes pettersson has been injured at least once in every season since he started. and hes 180 pounds. I weighed that when i was 15, and not cause im fat.
  4. Trade BOTH of these players ASAP.. except they arent signed yet ... so we cant trade them ? LOL.. I am pretty done with both these flakes. PTERSON MADE OF GLASS NEVER FINISHED A SEASON YET IN HIS CAREER . STRONG GUST OF WIND BLOWS HIM OVER. QUIN HUGHES LOOKS 15 YEARS OLD. MINUS 150 last season.. dont care if he got points.. the POINT of the game is to get more goals for then against ... Quin fails at this stat very badly. DAHLIN > HUGHES puts hughes at 5.5m per season IF WE ALWAYS JUST USE COMPARABLES
  5. 100% agree.. Myers could actually earn his cap hit .. by improving his stay at home defense, and better positioning. Use your stick instead of skating out of position. Myers is a huge body that could be a pretty solid top pairing guy. ( if he tightened up )
  6. Dahlin just signed 3 years 6 mil. sorry but Dahlin is better then Quinn Hughes.. lets get this deal done now camp already started! pettersson is worth 8m MAX. dont care about term , LETS GO
  7. Was just thinking of how our two young star players have the same Agent is really a dick move. What team are they playing for? Im feeling like their contracts are gonna ruin all the excitement. And like what usually happens with a huge contract will put pressure on, and they will melt. Maybe if we just trade QH for something half decent it will improve our negotiations? QH is not worth more then 6m right now untill he proves he can defend. Guess well find out soon ish ?
  8. Hughes 3x 6mil.. needs to prove his worth. or 6/8 years at 7.5m ( he is not darnel nurse or dougie H ) not even worth 8 million yet. Peterson should be 8x8 .. if bridge 3x7mil. Done deal fair for both sides /thread /signed
  9. First time in a long time I have a lot of favorites.. feels weird..
  10. 7.5 for 3 years.. i sent him an instagram, its a done deal
  11. i dont think so, Brocks QO is 7.5 ... Jim can keep him for that. Luongo recapture alone will cover the raise
  12. IMO. - We are now (on paper) the best team in the pacific. possibly the entire conference. BAsed on two things. OEL if he plays to his potential gives us a VERY GOOD top 2/4 defense. Amazing offensive potential really. Defense not only creates offense- but our offense is way better also, so there will be WAY more pressure for other teams to deal with, compounding into better defense overall. There is almost no teams I can think of right now that have TWO ELITE PMD defensemen.. this gives BOTH our top lines amazing potential. If quin hughes imporves, if OEL improves??? wow.. the rest falls on our BOTTOM HALF!!!! our bottom half now is similar to our top half in years past! our depth with podkolzin and hoglander maturing almost makes me giddy. IF, IF those guys are 30 point players will be competing for the cup.. sounds ridiclous, but true. All comes down to this team playing to its potential, they do not even have to over achieve to be a very good team this year., they just have to not be garbage. I cant see 20+ players all having career worst seasons. Therefore, playoffs for sure.
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