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  1. I really Like Jake.. If he played hard more consistantly he could be an excellent player. He needs the right line mates to be effective
  2. check out if you care. Most bring up socialism, communism as bad, and then I see the cool cartoon. Its hilarious to think people cannot work together to make everything free, thus removing pretty much all of the criminality to all of humanity, and allowing us to actually evolve as a universal species. However, continue to site outdated concepts born out of the second world war as the pinnacles of human thought and creativity in managing the world as a single organism. Hilarious
  3. There is a short Marxist manifesto you could read, and its underlying principals are actually the only value which could save modern humanity. But I know reading a couple hundred pages is hard . So just keep being ignorant. Its a fact that real communism was never done. Never even tried, by a "normal" society.
  4. no question.. when YOUNG is the key word.. we've never had two franchise players under age 22 ever.. let alone all our other great young guys. I still have very high expectations of jake virtanen also.. a blossoming todd bertuzzi level player... maybe better ? remember the Sedins were not franchise players at age 21/22 ?? If im correct they took a while to get to the level they were at in their prime. as did Betuzzi, when NYI gave up on him as a bust. Just like Jake V... remember people calling him a bust last year and demanding a trade.. lol
  5. I am 100% in favor of the black jerseys . As a long time canucks fan sinces the early 90's... its my fav jersey by alot.
  6. give me a break . even if nothing happened Peterson has no heart trophy and no stanley cup.. He has not earned superstar money yet. in old world id give him 7m x 4 year or 8 x 8 ..
  7. shutting down the world for an " extreme" flu is &^@#ing ridicilous .. Ive lost so much money on the market also.. and to cope with everything being &^@#ed.. everything is just not happening.. what a boring road to the end of the world.
  8. we didnt lose cause we are young. we lost cause our older players fukd up.. so its like the opposite..
  9. or 3-3.. my thoughts also . however.. could have at least survived 3 more minutes if not for roussel taking the dumbest pointless penalty I have seen in a while at the absolute worst time in a game.. bizzare how these guys get paid millions of dollars to play worse then guys in my beer league.. OH BUT THEY SKATE FASTER,, cool
  10. loui missed the pass through him for the tieing goal on the PK.. Guys in my beer league rarely do that ..
  11. All the bad plays aside.. That trip was unbelievable.. way to blow a game benched rest of season IMO bye
  12. I voted yes to markstrom vezina.. Im not even a homer,, If he ups his game even 5% he has a strong chance.. Lead me to think.. who else right now is running for the vezina? .. also fuk vaselineski .. tampa bay doesnt
  13. In no order, cause it all blends together at this point First Bure game. knowing we had a gem, I was so excited.. When Luongo Trade was announced (to our team lol)..,.was beside myself.. Both SC finals series. All the games leading up to it were exciting. Burrows dragon slayer- we were losing our minds.. And now, seeing we finally have a franchise Dman Quin Hughes,. First time in team history. I could tell he could be great after his first game , and so far not disappointing. Elias Peterson in there also for current excitement.. Pretty excited for our current team, Could be more consistent, but I like the team when we are playing well.
  14. comparing luongo to kesler? Luongo was easily the best goalie we have had in franchise history. One of the only goalies ever to be named a captain. Helped us to get to the SC finals.. yes he "chocked" but pretty hard to blame him for us getting SHUT OUT.. FFS some people are clueless.. YES to Luongo in ring of honor.. No to kesler.. Sorry, he was good but not "great"