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  1. Quinn Hughes is BAD at defense. He is ok when in position but its his chance taking that puts him out of position more often. He needs a Tanev to allways back him up, then I think hughes will be alright. But since his position is defense... bad.. but he can and probly will improve, the right partner would help.
  2. i want the top defensemen at 9th. we need it badly
  3. this team is a god damn joke. wtf. looking back the last 40 years.. WTF!
  4. lol well seems what I said is being rolled over- i said they are unproven but ARE very elite.. unproven cause quin hughes sucks worse then me on defense. and Elias has been injured multiple times now. and has had a couple slumps already. Not saying they do not deserve to get paid. they definitely deserve some money.. just not the whole brinks truck..
  5. these players are really not worth much anymore.. barely "franchise" players anymore IMO. very elite players, yes. BUT THEY ARE UNPROVEN!! I do not want to see big term or money or the curse of the canucks will never end.
  6. I think he should have got more games to be honest, but 2 games is fair.. Edler needs to stop doing this he could end someones career.. I know its an accident though, you can tell.. The game happens fast
  7. defensible? yea because letting your best players walk for nothing , or trading away good young players cuz we may have to pay them.. Awesome.. Sign another Jay beagle instead.. this guy is dumber then a fence post.
  8. the canucks are getting WORSE despite drafting superstars for the last 5 years... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. well said. Its sad that " fans" continue to call us ' REAL FANS" not real fans because we complain about idiots ruining our team and being paid millions of dollars to do it. Jim Benning SUCKS. HE IS A TERRIBLE GM AND HAS BEEN SINCE DAY ONE. The only thing he has done is draft well. IS that even HIM ?? JB has had nearly a DECADE to build this team and he continues to do the same stupid thing over and over which is OVER pay free agents who are AGING OUT OF THE NHL and are not worth the money they get in anyway. I am very sick of the canucks being a retirement team. FAs come here to cash in and r
  10. Toffoli for 4m or pearson for 3.25 ??? LOL toffoli got more goals against us alone then Pearson has POINTS entire season.. awesome moves Benning.
  11. I was gonna make a thread.. the Pearson signing is another blunder and complete waste of cap space. The guy is CLEARLY DECLINING AND YOU LOCKED HIM IN FOR 3 YEARS.. god Benning is a terrible GM. good at drafting? or maybe just has good scouts.. Probly the worst GM in franchise history. IF YOU USE REALITY AS YOUR MEASSURE. THE CANUCKS SUCK! FACT! STATS DONT LIE Ive been watching this team since Bure played his first game. This is getting old.
  12. crosby signed ten years ago which at the time was the highest paid contract in the league. He also signed for like 10-12 years when he was only 21 years old.. so yea.. comparing to barzal, I feel Barzal carries his team a little more, but they are very close in " level " I think..
  13. Id do 8y x 7.5m for Peterson. Hughes is awesome but if he doesnt get ALOT better at defence he is not worth much , and will never win a Norris. so i dunno 6x6
  14. yep Im 100% okay with demko, boeser, and horvats contracts.. questionables are: pretty much all his free agent signings. LE, myers, beagle, russel, sven beartchi!? a few more awful ones cant even remember them all . theyre all bad!
  15. I agree, get Clark signed ASAP, and if asking a reasonable raise give him.. he has trained up two top goalies for us
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