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  1. I used to like the guy as a hockey player, but now I see him as another Shotgun Jake who went out partying during covid. The video isn't as bad as Jakes behaviour though. Other players like Horvat and Petersson seem more serious and driven and less like Shane O'Brien 'SOB' at the Roxy. I think he's still playing because the Canucks staff think he can improve his stats with experience/ maturity/ improvement in skill and training.
  2. I would personally hire him a Russian english tutor/assistant if I were GM. No reason to have the future star resenting the team for not helping him when he will help us.
  3. I want a new Black skate jersey with Horvat's name and numbers, and a C stitched on the front. Take my money now!
  4. I'd prefer skate jersey, but stick in rink for 50th anniversary with anniversary shoulder patch.
  5. Not even Auquaman can stop this bottomless tank now! Every signing of a 30+ y/o fourth liner helps the tank even more. The future: Forwards: Horvat, Virtanen, Petterson, Boeser (Potentially Gaudette, Lind, Rathbone) Sign nylander and draft Jack Hughes. Draft some RH d in the future. LH D prospects are already strong (Juolevi, Hughes. Demko is good, and Dipietro is basically a shorter version of luongo.
  6. I agree with everything up to keeping the Sedins longer, but im not sure if anyone would've given Benning picks for them.
  7. Ya'll got your Raptors tickets?
  8. HFboards is older posters who aren't homers no offence. CDC is on average a younger crowd.
  9. Burrows has become Cooke (dirty not superstar clutch Cooke)
  10. This. Teams that wear black are more aggressive and play better also. Maybe make Boeser change his number to 10 or 96 too
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