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  1. Why is he on waivers then. If there was a family emergency the Canucks aren’t waiving him because that would look bad
  2. This just confirms he overpaid for a anti vaxer
  3. Beauty day for Jimbo . Traded his favourite player and out a player who signed for 2 years at 3 million a few weeks ago on waivers
  4. He be 28 and Benning Bros will still there still time for him to develop and it’s early in his career he just needs more time
  5. Back to back busts, by the super scout Jim Benning . Would of had three straight busts in a row if he got his way and drafted Glass. There were two Dmen way better than Bust Juolevi and we passed on them.
  6. Erikkson scoring 30 isn’t he

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      lol.  It's preseason.  

    3. Chickenspear


      Doesn't littlethinger usually light it up in the preseason though?

    4. JM_


      if Loui does score 30, doesn't that mean Benning was right about him all along @Squamfan?

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