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  1. Oh baby, back to back busts in the top 5 a Jimbo and Weisbrod special
  2. Mark Spector woke up and choose violence. He just ripped Josh Archibald a new one. Good for him
  3. What a clown , won’t get the free vaccine but is willing to lose 400k for not taking the vaccine
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    2. Chickenspear


      Damn, thought this guy got banned... oh well.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Can we trade him to Seattle for cap space?

    4. Pears


      @Chickenspear Didn’t even know he was gone. 

  5. CAA is going to dummy, dumb and dumber ( Benning and Francesco). They going to cave in and sign contracts that walk Petey, Quinn into FA. The dude overpays for plugs but can’t give out money to players who deserve it.
  6. So that was a good 650 million dollar spent. Trudeau throwing money around like Jimbo on free agency. Hopefully he is grilled by his party for this. A election no one wanted
  7. Getting the 2012 kings back together . this just in the flames acquire , Mike Richards, Dustin Brown. Jeff, Carter, Willie Mitchell, Mike Green
  8. And to think Jimbo brought him in because of his character. Looks like that rubbed on Virtanen
  9. Better deal than Jimbo have Poolman. That’s asset value sadly we don’t have it.
  10. He was mentioning that Poolman was a top four on very bad defence In Winnipeg team
  11. Jamie Dodd in 650. ”when signing a top four dman on team that was very bad on defence to that term is not good”
  12. When the boot lickers at 650!say it’s bad signing then it’s a bad signing
  13. How is attacking luongo. It what deal could cost the canucks
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