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  1. Still amazed that he is about to join the Canucks at the perfect time. I give the man credit. He did it his way and he's about to get paid.
  2. I wanted to know for my own edification. The illness of the individual matters, because some may have contracted the virus and have developed antibodies to protect them. They would of course be isolated from others for precaution sake. Sounds like Vancouver is still in the running as a hub for now.
  3. How many of those positive tests involved a sick person? We have seen that over 60% of people who test positive are asymptomatic. We're talking about world class athletes...all of them. This disease is killing old and sick people. At this point, many of us have the virus and don't even know it. Thank God it's not as deadly as it might have been.
  4. We got 2 beauties in the 2019 draft. Hoglander with Petey and Podkolzin with Bo equals success for years to come. The moves on these kids...
  5. Well played sir. Uncock your eyes and you will be set free.
  6. Disagree. He has proven he's a giant. It's comical to think that he can't have learned anything in the KHL in 3 years. He played with Datsyuk this year ftr. If you put him on Hughes right he opens up a huge chunk of ice for quick transition. If has the possession game, he'll be unstoppable.
  7. What's the word on CV-19? Is there a huge spike in the cases since the protests?
  8. You could argue he's #1 or #2 on Avto so I don't know what you mean there. Defense 1st players don't put up the points, but they are just as valuable. Edler and Tanev were a very effective pairing for several years and Tanev didn't score much in those years. At the end of this season or next I'd like to see Edler Rafferty Hughes Tanev Tryamkin Myers
  9. Hoglander gets his 1st goal of the season. It's great to have another player to follow in the SHL. The atmosphere in those buildings is really fun to see. #21 in green is like a pitbull when the puck is near him and he isn't afraid to go to the corners to battle. His puckhandling is also very good and he's getting powerplay time. It's going to be great to follow him this season.
  10. Except when the Canucks affiliate was the Manitoba Moose and we got Edler, Kesler, Bieksa, Burrows and Hansen. edit: I forgot Raymond and Schneider and of course the tragedies of Bourdon and Rypien. We can only hope to have another group like that come through this organization. I agree that Lays chips guy sucked though
  11. Actually he just looked at the tire fire of a defense that was constantly given heavy minutes ahead of him and wondered, why are all of these scrubs playing ahead of me? Have a look at the defense from 2016/17 and try to justify playing half of these guys ahead of a prospect with his potential. https://www.eliteprospects.com/team/77/vancouver-canucks/2016-2017 Stecher started coming into his own, but with the exception of Edler and Tanev, why would any one of those D-men deserve ice time ahead of Tryamkin?
  12. Those are his measurements from this years combine and he absolutely crushed the fitness and power tests. https://thehockeywriters.com/2019-nhl-combine-heights-weights/ https://link.nhl.com/centralscouting/public/ Kid's gonna be a beauty.
  13. OMG. just admit that you dislike this prospect. Hopefully he is what everyone is aiming for. Please don't ever using Larsen as a comparable as you continually do. If Taylor hall came around the net and hit Tryamkin instead of Larsen, We would be having a different conversation about whose career would have been ended.
  14. His agent said there's a better than 50% chance of him returning to the NHL after this season. Is that ridiculous? Maybe you don't plan for it, but it's one of those spots on the whiteboard that gets a different colour just in case. He'll still have to make the team next season, unless he comes here in April next year and blows the doors off. But as soon as he leans on a few people, they're going to quickly realize his worth.
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