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  1. I'm not trying to take the high road. Give yourself a reach around. My facts don't care about your feelings.
  2. If you could I will. I do speak English so that would be a good start. What would you like to know?
  3. I have a freedom boner. Wait all of you dip$&!#s missed the word "projected" You think the media calls elections? The Trump train is even rolling over Fox News. FF doesn't stand for false flag, but FOX News has exposed the gross media industrial complex. Rupert Murdoch's kids took their fortune and pumped it into Fox. Now that right wing FOX channel is dumping out of the press secretary's statement.
  4. I'm a dual citizen and every time I cross the border I feel a tightness in my chest. Americans are scared of each other to an insane degree. Edward Bernays would have been so proud of his ideas and his disciples, their influence is seemingly impossible to a supposed educated population, but there it is... for all the world to see. Make everyone uninformed and then pit them against each other.
  5. Election still not certified. recounts in at least 3 states. The election won't be over for at least a month and people are going to be lied to for another month. Both sides are lying and the truth lies somewhere in between, until math prevails.
  6. I was going to put him 1st, but I thought that would kick someone off. Intellectually the other 2 are his peers and they're both black, not that that should matter, but that's a part of the social credit that comes from being a representative of your oppression group. And there you start getting into cultural Marxism...
  7. Did you seriously want me to answer that? I'd say go watch Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder or Jordan Petersson, but I can if you want.
  8. WTF does that mean? Your TDS is showing. You usually come up of with something intelligent even if it's Bat$&!# crazy.
  9. Trump is the cult of personality juxtaposed by the cultural Marxists who Joe Biden will be powerless to stop. Pick your poison.
  10. L Todd Wood says about 10 words during the presentation. Also yes you can watch videos on youtube. You think you're going to see this on CNN?
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