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  1. put toffoli in the rafters 

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I read this as put tinfoil in the rafters 

  2. Hoglander - Horvat - Virtanen

    thoughts on this for our 2nd line?

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    2. thejazz97


      in 1-2 years, maybe.

    3. Baer.
    4. Tystick


      If Hog makes the team this year you have to play him on the 2nd line.

      If we re-sign Jake, we need to give him a season to show us what he can do in the top 6.


      I like it.

      Play the young guys.

  3. Do Hoglander / Podkolzin make the team next season?

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    2. canuktravella


      hoglander makes team this yr

      podz next yr

    3. Tystick


      Hoglander's ready this year.

      Podkolzin is still under KHL contract, but he could use one more year anyway.

    4. Pears


      I think Podkolzin should be ready to step in and contribute when he comes over in early-mid March. 

  4. I know it has been updated for awhile, but I hate the new nhl.com. Not as functional as before.

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      NHL.com sucks hard. My dead dog could have done a better job. I'd rather send them a handwritten request for current standings than use the site. 

    3. Dazzle


      I don't like the new site at all either. It hasn't grown on me at all. I wouldn't mind if they reverted back to the previous one (not that it would happen).

    4. Green Building
  5. What's happening with Keith??

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      his hearing like just started i think

    2. Heretic


      He declined the in person.

  6. How much better would getting Matthews be than one of the Finns?

    1. Ghostsof1915


      I think people need to understand even if we get 1st overall. That's a 1 in 5 chance of getting Matthews. 


      That's 4 out of 5 we won't get him. It's a great chance on top 3. 


    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      some scouts think that laine will be better than mathews...

      mathews would be henrik's replacement....maybe boeser can be daniel's replacement..

      we'll have to trade for a good d-man


    3. Baer.


      Matthews can play center, and you don't pass on franchise centers.

  7. Anyone else pissed off at John Shorthouse for referring to Tryamkin last night as the "freak show"? Even if it's just a joke that's pretty rude IMO, he's just a big dude.

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    2. Jay & Silent Bob

      Jay & Silent Bob

      Shorthouse sounds like Kermit the frog...thats not a compliment.


    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      he's not jim robson, but imo, he is good at what he does...cudo's

    4. Salmonberries


      Way to much hype around this kid.


      Just let him play.

  8. Anyone have a link to Hertl's "high stick" goal? Can't find it

    1. Wheels22


      It's all a conspiracy.. The league knows it was a highstick, but don't want the public to know.. That's why there is no footage or evidence of it at all.. It's all been destroyed, to cover up the league's foulness..  The Steven Avery strategy. Manitowoc County Police would be proud...

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