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  1. Bye <3

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    2. Aladeen


      It's a great group, he just expected us all to read about 40 paragraphs and tell him he was right about everything. No one said anything mean to him at all we just didn't say what he wanted us to say. 

    3. Aladeen


      well truth be told I was a little mean but just a little, and that was after he already quit. Everyone else was nice though LOL. 

    4. JAY JAY

      JAY JAY

      He just needs a nap. Kids get cranky without sleep.

  2. "Take me down to pairadice city where  the grass is blue and the girls are blue aba deeee aba die aba dee aba die I'm blue"

  3. Anybody know where bun town is? I have a map here but I can't find it...

  4. Shinkaruk brings it across the line and down the boards, drop pass to vey, he centers it....ETEM SCOOOOORES

    1. iLLmAtlc


      Sounds like a highlight reel AHL goal

  5. In America, carcinogenic meat eats you!

  6. Sedin - Sedin - Rodin 

  7. Anton Rodin: GP: 10  G: 9  A: 10  PTS: 19 PPG: 1.46

    #NHLReady ?

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    2. JE14


      19/10 = 1.46 #confirmed

    3. Phil_314


      LOL that math.  Anyways yeah he'll still have to show that he can perform on smaller rinks on this side of the ocean. Too many Euros have failed to perform here. 

    4. Horvat


      well duh, you try him out and if he fits in the top6 he can come over, if not he is free to go to the SHL and come for next traingcamp

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Better lock him up now you know Miller and Markstrom will be both gone by next year :P

  8. Anton Rodin with 8g 8a in 10gp omfg...

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Some people are great in the Europe Leagues, and some don't translate into the NHL. That big ice.

    3. peaches5


      if he can keep that up all year he will be back over here. I doubt he does though.

    4. stexx


      rodins problem was never his skill level he had serious shoulder issues that hampered his development nice to see him playing at a high level again.

    1. logic


      meh, I would be interested but I doubt people on CDC are open minded when it comes to hiphop..

    2. Horvat


      lol, glass jaw, hatekid and i are all in there, join mane