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  1. Bye <3

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    2. Aladeen


      It's a great group, he just expected us all to read about 40 paragraphs and tell him he was right about everything. No one said anything mean to him at all we just didn't say what he wanted us to say. 

    3. Aladeen


      well truth be told I was a little mean but just a little, and that was after he already quit. Everyone else was nice though LOL. 

    4. JAY JAY

      JAY JAY

      He just needs a nap. Kids get cranky without sleep.

  2. "Take me down to pairadice city where  the grass is blue and the girls are blue aba deeee aba die aba dee aba die I'm blue"

  3. Anybody know where bun town is? I have a map here but I can't find it...

  4. Exactly, and how many different instances, [Girls] do you think back too, prbably not many, and for that girl to stick in yuor mind obove all others would you call that "love"? who knows! Don't worry boys i won't let this one be an afterthought
  5. "In a year she finds someone else. roll with it" Nah it's an interesting situation, back in high school I would have been in gr 12, she'd be would have been in gr9!!! still even then she was rediculously gorgeous although too young, so I waited, but we'd always make that eye contact you know? [side note: my brother taught me about the &^@# me look as a kid] I just can't explain it, this eye contact though gives me gooseybumpys, i can still feel those feelings, I never talked to her but I know she I knows what I think, and she knows I know what she thinks so it's an intersting situqtion, I can go and start a connection with here wheever I want that seed was planted many years ago, as of now though she has boyfriend, although he's a mere boy, I feel like i'll wait and be respectfull and wait for the breakup.
  6. You sure? i think i should wait a year...
  7. Advice? How long should I wait to date this girl I like, she'd be 3 years younger than me but at this point I'm 18 and she would be 15, damn this sucks butts [my town is small]
  8. This chick is rad af, just found her!
  9. Shinkaruk brings it across the line and down the boards, drop pass to vey, he centers it....ETEM SCOOOOORES

    1. iLLmAtlc


      Sounds like a highlight reel AHL goal

  10. Horvat

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    Horvats Projected 2016 - 2017 Vancouver Canucks _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st line: Sedin + Sedin + Burrows = Great top line for next year, should expect alot of point out of these guys 3rd line A: Shinkaruk + Horvat + Hansen = Speed on the wings and chemistry. 3rd line B: Baertschi + Sutter + Brodin = More of a european line with some great offensive potential 3rd line C: Gaunce + McCann + Lucic = Big Tough wingers who can dish a pass, Gaunce learning from Lucic would be great! 1st pairing: Edler + Tanev = Trustworthy pairing 2nd pairing: Sbisa + Hutton = Shifty offensive and gritty 3rd pairing: Biega + Pedan = Yough, gritty and defensivly reliable bottom pairing Starter: Miller = Majority of the starts untill the deadline to showcase his value Backup: Markstrom = Hopefully ride markstom as a starter after miller is traded. Traded: Vrbata, Hamhuis, Higgins, Jensen, Grenier, Prust, and Dorsett n, Bartkowski/Weber Utica: Kenins, Virtanen, Boeser, Subban
  11. Horvat

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    I really believe Rodin will at least, show up come preseason. Fingers crossed he can make the team as i think he'd go back to sweden if he didn't, SHL or NHL for our guy. I agree he could be an improvement on Higgins with more offensive potential and better skating, all whilst playing a decent 200 ft game! Next year on the right wing we'd have: Anton Rodin Alexander Burrows Darek Dorsett Alex Grenier Jake Virtanen Brock Boeser Radim "The Dream" Vrbata .... Pick 4
  12. Horvat

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    lol @ people who dont think rodin will be a canuck next year or the year after, have you seen the pace he is scoring at? he doesnt belong in the 3rd best league in the world, its best to give him a shot during preseason to show his stuff in the top 6, i'm almost certain he will be givin a chance, just not sure if he will take it, you never know how he will play with better players, they could add another level to his game, or maybe make him play worse playing against better opposition. Anyways if he did make it playin the same style of offensive hockey i would picture the lineup looking liek htis next year #StanleyCupAnyone ? Sedin - Sedin - Rodin Shinkaruk - Horvat - Lucic Baertschi - Sutter - Virtanen Gaunce - McCann - Hansen Hutton/Tanev - Edler Zaitsev - Tanev/Hutton Sbisa - Pedan Miller/Markstrom Markstrom/Miller
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