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  1. I think the lottery is rigged anyone with me?

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    2. Baka


      Lol Stern xDDD I remember that

    3. BanTSN


      Absolutely rigged. Just in time for McDavid.

    4. The Stork

      The Stork

      So were going to tank next year again?

  2. Hope luck is on our side fingers crossed

  3. Luongo is joining the TSN panel during the playoffs

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    2. Newsflash


      <3 aw ty for adding me as a friend tigsy

    3. Newsflash


      But you scared the crap out of me because I thought I got another warning.

    4. BanTSN


      Stupid idea by a stupid ban-worthy network that's losing hockey.

  4. Overall I think we should give Torts another chance. Also for the draft if we get #1 overall I would pick Sam Bennett. He seems to be a logical choice for me

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    2. Warhippy


      Really....Reinhart or Ekblad and Bennett can suffer in Florida Buffalo or Edmonton

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Shinkaruk on the first line ? Pass that sh.. over here

    4. kodos


      I'd take Ekblad over Reinhart and Bennett anyway

  5. Season comes to an end.. Hope Corrado gets a more prominent role next season and also hoping Daniel gets well soon. Also hoping Kesler and Booth stay. They are true pros and play the game right. Hoping for a better season next year. Awesome season Canucks! Go Canucks!!!

  6. When is the draft lottery..... On another note Go Canucks Go! Win one for Linden's sake

    1. Anti-Bettman
    2. The Stork

      The Stork

      Yes we need that #1 overall badly

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      6.4 % chance of getting #1

  7. Last game of the reg season for the Canucks against the Lames... So pumped hmm... 6th overall here we come

  8. Draisaitl here we come! 0-2-0 to start the Trevor Linden Era

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    2. Colts_14



    3. Ehlers



    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      We are beyond bannin' time for hangin'

  9. Go Canucks.... What? Lose Canucks?

  10. 2011 was amazing just watched Ballard hipcheck Tootoo and hit Suter on a scoring chance

    1. drummer4now
    2. Stick-in-Rink


      too many memories from 2011 :((((( oh what used to be

  11. Why are you using my sig without any permission?

    1. The Stork

      The Stork

      I was going to message you but couldn't find you anywhere

      But I'll ask now

      May I use your sig

    2. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      Sorry, I'm currently using it.

  12. Carolina winning is like us winning the Cup

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    2. Warhippy


      Carolina winning is like us getting that much closer to a lottery win...so ya it's a big deal. Come on Canes Jets Sens and anyone else within 2 points of us!!!

    3. TheRussianRocket.
    4. Heretic


      2-0 end of the 2nd for the Canes!

  13. Top 5 pick here we come #TankNation #TankCity

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Of course, there is still the lottery chance...

    3. The Stork

      The Stork

      If Gillis was still here he would've bribed the commissioner to get us into the top 5 ;)

    4. Phil_314


      circle of life.

  14. Fingers crossed hoping that Linden will hire Naslund as the GM of the Canucks everyone's dream

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    2. g_bassi13


      "Who is he"

      He was Lack's backup earlier in the year.

    3. Dr.Strangelove


      Lol Tiger you so funny

    4. The Stork

      The Stork

      ^Whos this such tiger you guys are talkin smack about

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