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  1. #NoEnbridge

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      I don't even know if I care any more.

      Modern politics has turned into whining and hurling insults at your opposition until you get what you want. Consensus-building and co-operation is dying. Nowadays, it's all about serving our own needs instead of trying to integrate the needs of others into a solution.

  2. "Hang in there buddy, Burnie's coming" :(

    1. Ehlers


      Gonna miss Alberts :(

  3. Are u the SNYPER guy lol

    1. Ehlers


      I'm being completely serious by saying this, Who?

  4. I really hope with Linden coming in, he cleans house on the scouting staff.

  5. Can't wait for Linden to be back in the organization!