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  1. Wow, the personal and malicious shots being taken at this guy online are straight up ruthless. For anyone who has crossed the line can we please stick to hockey around here? I'd like to see a single one of you big mouths say anything close to what you're cowardly typing to Jake's face.
  2. This is a really important point. Well said. People have to remember that these players currently playing on this team want to win now. They don’t give a rats ass about a ninth overall. Having a highly skilled good skating defender on your team with two upgrades on the forward lines will make this team better next year. If Petey can stay healthy and Quinn continues to grow we should see improvement. You’re right the team needs to feel that management wants to go for it now and not planning for three or four years down the line.
  3. I think Benning and his staff felt the 9th in this uncertain and under-scouted draft year is worth the risk as a second rounder might be just as effective a player in the long run if chosen well.
  4. I wish I had more confidence in Benning's managerial skills. He seems late to the party most times. Nothing statistical to prove that, just a feeling.
  5. ...also that pick is really tradeable. Move it to some team currently in the playoffs who have a deep cupboard and maybe move down to the mid teens for two picks...
  6. Super excited for a top ten pick guys! This season blew chunks all around. Good year for a reset. Top 10 is a crap shoot. The No. 1 overall during a regular non pandemic season might be there at 9. Impossible to properly scout these young players this year. This is truly a good year to have a pick like this. Imagine if we draft another Calder finalist at 9? Get to work Jim. Do your thing.
  7. I have simply despised Joe Thornton ever since that face wash I connect. What a freaking clown.I have simply despised Joe Thornton ever since that face wash I connect. What a freaking clown.
  8. This Leafs team looked anything but deep. Seriously once Price got his game on anybody in the lineup not named Hyman or Matthews werent even a remote threat. Thornton and Simmons were both super slow and ineffective. A little lesson for us all to learn from this. Youth and speed is the shape of the future in the NHL. Even Toffolli looked a little sluggish out there all series long. Not regretting not signing him nearly as much after all. Montréal’s defence or animals. So impressed.
  9. Just sitting around the dinner table listening to the Sportsnet Toronto feed with a big smile on my face. You should hear these homers focussing this whole loss on players not performing and giving zero credit to Montreal. Just makes my stomach tickle hearing these guys squirm and cry over this loss. Once again it’s always about Toronto and nobody else. Hilarious
  10. Wow, that is an impressive list of draft successes. All playing pivotal roles for this team. Pionk has been such good addition for Trouba... barely miss him i bet. And yes, so many good trades. Great asset management. Jets fans owe Chevy loads of praise. I'm jealous. Always admired the Jets since they came home. Really rooting for them this playoff. My new adopted team for sure.
  11. Was researching Winnepeg's draft history of late and was struck by how many of their picks developed into amazing depth or straight up superstars. Guys like Copp and Lowry and Demelo took time but are now paying off. Got me thinking about how long it takes. Got me thinking on Gadjovic, Rathbone, MacEwen and Lind Etc. We need for these guys to turn into regular NHL'ers.
  12. Yeah didn't mean for that "shredded" comment to be taken maliciously. You're holding your own just fine. Re builds take time no doubt. The nostalgia trip that is the '08-'11 run was such a hoot. We dominated. Now it's our turn. Chicago sucked for a long time. L.A. as well. Pittsburgh, Washington.... on and on for many teams. I like your nobility and optimism man. I felt all along that this year was viewed as developmental from ownership on down. Not extending all those high ticket contracts was a call that came down from above. Not a good year to spend money at al
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