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  1. Seriously... beyond the big 2, this team freaking sucks. Nurse... Nugent Hopkins... Barrie... imagine 97 playing on a deep team.
  2. I guess. I thought on a national telecast professionals required to be as unbiased as possible. Debrusk does a real good and balanced job but buddy nearly wet his pants on that last goal.
  3. We need to keep targeting these teams that are tight to the cap. Schmidt was another. Two of our better players.
  4. He's had what.. 6 or 7 years now? That's plenty long enough and a sizeable sample size to be evaluated. He's made some good moves and some not so good but he has failed in assembling a group of players able to win. Time for a fresh set of eyes and ears. It's on him... end of story.
  5. This sets up the Ottawa series to a "T". We match up well against them. Same style of team IMO. So exited for more games now. Hamonic.... if Simmonds would have taken it just a bit farther, Hammer would have been there no probs. Real nice extra part of his game. He's been great since coming back in.
  6. Most of the players probably dealt with mild to moderate flu like symptoms and were chomping at the bit to play. Some may have not had any affects at all. All nagging injuries healed up. Rested. Mentally. Physically. Glad they all made it through unscathed. Team energy and pace reminding me of Bubble Canucks.
  7. My concern is that he may not have been deployed properly by Greene and Co. I remember watching his scoring hi lights in college on youtube and thinking he reminded me of OV with that shot from the top of the circle. NHL coaches are always trying to turn scorers into checkers. Gauds bought in really well IMO, and was never really rewarded with offensive line mates or ice time. I'll be watching and curious to see how Chicago uses him. Maybe he gels with Dach... they kind of remind me of each other. We all saw glimpses of it. The kid likes to score goals. Shackled with Rooster and Sutter wa
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