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  1. I wish... Covid fear spreading mongers on one side... people looking for answers and concerned about civil liberties on the other. Take a guess which side is the aggressor around here.
  2. Wow you just got attacked. Nice to know CDC at its core aren't into people sharing their opinions. This thread is glaringly showing people's true colours. Really disappointing.
  3. This thread does not belong on this site.
  4. We just played 180 minutes of hockey defending in our own end. That’s hilarious. I’ll have to go to the stats but we may have come close to outscoring them.
  5. Have to go with Demko if he’s 100% healthy. I think Marky’s injury has been bothering him for a couple games. Can’t put an injured goalie in for a game 7.
  6. I’m stunned this series is tied. Really impressed with Coach Greene. Total clinic being put on in how to keep it to the outside. Total buy-in from the boys. Let them shoot from the outside. Keep the lanes clear and bear down and take away second chances. Big saves. Masterpiece. .
  7. Myers returning has been so huge. We have really buckled down on D with him back in the line up. Everyone’s playing the minutes expected of them. Pairings are balanced. We struggled without him. Also starting to really like Stetch with Eagle.
  8. Demko Petey Quinn erc etc.... But the most important unsung hero of the last couple games has been Alex Edler. He has made Stone his mission.
  9. Solid and passionate owner. Takes some shots around here but Loves his team just like us.