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  1. So.. masks don't protect you very well, got it. But.. they do somewhat prevent you from spreading it. So.. if everyone wore masks, wouldn't that be the ultimate protection? I'm confused.
  2. Went to the game in Victoria. He made a lot of bad decisions with the puck that led to chances (some that he corrected). He definitely has potential, but he still needs to develop.
  3. The Bruins announcers are the biggest homers I've ever heard. It's hilarious.

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    2. TU90


      Garret isn't even close to these guys. He's bad, but these guys are on a different level.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      The league doesn't even demand professionalism from their officials.  Never mind some of the scumbags Sportsnet sees fit to put on national TV.

    4. 6string


      Bruins are bad no doubt but the Oilers broadcast are the worst in my books. They would actually have you ( Edmonton fans ) believe the Oilers behind the great goaltending of Cam Talbot are playing great hockey but just not getting any kind of luck along with poor calls by officials make it even more difficult for their team to win.