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  1. Feel like Green has no concept of how to coach the top six. Every single line plays a hard nosed bottom six style of hockey. When I watch Horvat he's playing like he's still with Dorsett and Kassian.

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      what would the fire green crowd expect from a new coach? what do you see them, doing differently? put your knowledge where your mouth is. 

    3. Tree n Me

      Tree n Me

      Let's see.  Travis Green is a successful, knowledgeable NHL coach.  And you.....not so much.  I think I'll go with what Travis decides.

    4. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      @smithers joe IMO this team has 4 bonafide top 6 players: Horvat, Boeser, Miller and Petey.  That leaves 2 spots open on Bo's line(usually) for players to step up.  Pearson had a good stretch but I think he's a 3rd liner - JV is looking good of late and has played top 6 minutes as of late.  I think Green is doing an exceptional job at managing the lines and mixing them up in-game when things aren't looking good.  My only beef is LE but whatever - there's a lot of info I am not privy too.


      Who had the Canucks doing this good(still 1st in the div.) at this point?  No one.  Who had the Leafs, Flames, Sharks as locks for the playoffs?  A lot of people.  Yet here we are...  

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