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  1. I just realized. Are we going to waste another year of Horvat's prime, and then saddle him with two plugs for wingers again when normalcy returns? God I hope Hoglander or Podkolzin blow us away. 

    1. Coconuts


      Hard to say, as of right now a lot is riding on how Jake does this season, and by the sounds of it he's taken his offseason training more seriously than usual having worked out with Myers consistently. Being able to slot him with Petey and Miller would allow Brock to drop down to play with Bo and Pearson. 


      Hoglander is coming in already in game shape, I wouldn't be surprised to see him impress. Could see Eriksson relegated to whatever taxi squad we end up carrying. I think we're past the point of keeping him in the lineup because of his salary if a younger alternative with more potential like Lind looks like he can play. There's big Mac as well on RW.

    2. Silky mitts
    3. Ghostsof1915


      Too much to ask Eriksson to take a taxi to the airport and retire, and fly home? 

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