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  1. Any team with good LW depth will eat us alive. We have four third pairing defenseman manning that side. And if OEL does not revert to something resembling pre-Tochet form our offense will not be able to compensate for our defensive shortcomings.


    Barring Shaw implementing a defensive system that utilizes every dman's max potential I think we're in for a rough go this year. 

  2. Reading posts from people who follow him on various forums he sounds like Myers. Tall and a good skater but needs to really work on his defensive game if he wants any shot at the bigs. I hope he can put it together, somebody called him the "turnover machine". Not a great endorsement, but he's young. 

  3. On 2/1/2020 at 5:17 PM, Mathew Barzal said:

    Miller is kind of what I hoped Goldobin would turn into. A guy who's production masks the fact that he has like 5 brutal turnovers a game. 


    Miller honestly makes so many bone headed plays but his work ethic and offensive contributions make up for it and then some.

    I called out his recklessness with the puck before it was cool. Where's my hipster card?


    EDIT: Also, real Kesler vibes from this guy. He's clearly a sarcastic, overly-emotional douchebag but man can he play the game of hockey.

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  4. 6 hours ago, canuck73_3 said:

    He had a career year literally last season. 

    I guess take it with a grain of salt but FWIW even last year he didn't pass my eye test as a second line player, points or not. He was a streaky goal scoring winger who profited off Bo being a stallion in the offensive zone.


    He's not the worst option, but any contender can do better in their top six. 

  5. So many people on here are going to be flabbergasted when we get a new coach and we still bleed goals against.


    This 'defense' Benning built simply isn't that good. Myers is a third pairing defender ideally, Edler and Tanev have slowed down a lot and Stecher and Fantenberg should not be in the NHL. Green's hand has been forced recently to play a offensive defenseman 27 minutes in a game because we have no better options.


    That back end needs to be torn down and reconstructed.

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