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  1. I think the failure in our systems lies a lot in our awful defenseman. None of them are capable of generating a clean transition off the break out pass aside from Hughes. We chip and chase because that's all our defenseman allow our forwards to do.


    They wait, and wait, and wait until the forwards have to track back to take a pass and by then the neutral zone is clogged. 

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  2. McDavid/Draisaitl are literally the next Crosby/Malkin.


    The Oiler's just struck gold with that RNH-Drai-Yamamoto line and once they get McDavid back that's basically two unstoppable lines. Not to mention Lavoie, Benson and McLeod in the pipeline. Their defensive prospect depth is no joke either.


    They're going to be a force sooner rather than later.

  3. 1 hour ago, DarkIndianRises said:

    what do we have to do to improve in these areas?  

    Have patience.


    We were never going to be a legitimate Cup threat this year. We're on pace to be exactly what we thought we were, a bubble team and likely an easy first round out. And that's okay. Even if we get absolutely slaughtered it'll be motivation heading into the off-season for the kids.


    We're still filled with a bunch of temporary plug in players and a ways away from having a defined core, especially on the back end. Those things will come into their own over time as we find out what we have in our prospects.

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