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  1. You know it's going to be a sad day when CalgaryPuck gets sentimental over a couple of Canucks...

    1. HerrDrFunk


      Wow, didn't expect that.


      It's fun to see a few posters there **** themselves over the thought of the cap space the Canucks have to play with now too B)

  2. Whatever happened to that super toxic edgy chick that used to troll whitenoise?

    1. -AJ-


      Bertuzzi Babe?

    2. Bocivus


      She's still around.  Different name.

    3. diesel_3


      Yup, different name.

      BB is an old WN throwback!

  3. Annihilation just made me and my friends sit in the car afterwards and talk about it for 20 minutes. What a movie.

    1. SabreFan1


      It's hitting Netflix next week except in the US, Canada, and China.

    2. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      I know, it's the kind of movie I'd prefer to experience in theater as opposed to at home though.

  4. All part of Jimbo's master plan to load up in the draft that we host...

  5. Taking a hiatus from hockey this year has me so conflicted. Boeser vs Barzal seems to be a race for the ages.

    1. Rubik


      Regardless of who's winning the Calder, finally we have a ~40goal scorer. Of course it would be pretty neat if Boeser won it, but does it really matter that much?

    2. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      I still think Boeser will win. He’s leading our team and we suck bad.

      Barzal is playing with a pretty damn good team and with damn good players. 

  6. Watching that Hawks game gave me PTSD.


    "The boys are back in town ..."


    inb4 Jets blow it up at the deadline and Byfuglien gets dealt to the Hawks.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      prime time saliva dump?

    2. Toews


      @Ghostsof1915 I think he meant it triggered his PTSD.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      well at least it wasn't PSTD


      big buff's contract is a boat anchor, he's not going anywhere. 

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  7. Turning into this version of the Flames is my worst nightmare. Lots of decent players, no studs.

    1. Jaku


      Ehhhh. I'd say the Flames have a couple studs. Johnny Hockey is a high end winger and one can argue that Dougie Hamilton is capable of being an elite d-man. 

    2. VanGnome


      LOL. One game and the CDC think tank is already hard at work. Christ, complaining about the Flames first game, no less.

    3. Patrick Kane

      Patrick Kane

      Monahan, Gaudreau, Giordano, Tkachuck, Brodie, Hamilton..

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  8. Every time I look at all the other Canadian teams I have to remind myself we have our own decade of sucking to do before I get to feel jealous.

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      Sweet, that means we're more than 1/2 way there! 

    2. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Canucks will win the cup this year. This is our year.

    3. HerrDrFunk


      Just because they sucked for a decade, doesn't mean we will. 

  9. I thought they have to be 20 years old?
  10. What did we ever do not to deserve Matthews or Laine ... 

    1. Warhippy


      People like Clam and the 5th line of course.  Duh

    2. BI3KSA-


      I'm more upset we wasted a pick on Virtanen, who couldnt even shake it in the AHL last season, over Nylander (already a 60+ pt scorer in the NHL), Ehlers (already a 60+ pt scorer in the NHL), Larkin and multiple other superior prospects, than I am over not getting Matthews or Laine over Juolevi.  

    3. BI3KSA-


      The lottery isnt in our control but who we pick is 

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  11. The regular season can't start soon enough. Spending too much time in my own head (and watching clips of other prospects) and starting to doubt the future of this team.



    1. Jaku


      I agree. This is taking too long. I feel like it's dragging on too because I wake up every day hoping Bo has signed.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Two weeks from the Youngstars :).


    3. CRAZY_4_NAZZY


      im hockey deprived....CDC isn't as entertaining in the offseason.

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  12. Bieksa's wife's instagram is weird, even if it is a marketing scheme...

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @J-23 i think Kes is wondering why there's no pictures 

    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @J-23 i think Kes is wondering why there's no pictures 

    3. J-23


      Kes, is that one guy who doesn't try to be funny, but everything he does is just hilarious.

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  13. Yeah, hope he can mold himself into a Burrows/Kunitz esque complimentary player..
  14. If he goes to the AHL ... how early can we start the Boeser for 2018 USA Olympic squad hype?

    1. Hortankin


      @mll you sure about that? Didn't Higgins play in the AHL on an NHL contract?

    2. Zhukini


      @Hortankin How does the Higgins situation have anything to do with the Olympics though. 

    3. Hortankin


      @ZhukiniI thought he was saying he couldn't play in the AHL because he had an NHL contract. My bad lol

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  15. So I bought a foam roller today and used it for about fifteen minutes just now. In terms of pure unadulterated pleasure I'd put it on par or just below sex. This thing is going to get some mileage out of me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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    2. BananaMash


      @Mathew Barzal and i are the cutest boys on CDC, @Cramarossa. It's facts.

    3. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      @BananaMash Hush bb, I'll never forget it too... and I'd go on but I can't afford to get banned over explicit material on CDC.


      If y'all feel like digging deeper you're free to read the piece of literature recounting that fateful evening I will be releasing in the near future ... 'Bananas in Barzal - A Memoir'


      @Cramarossa I'll see you at Celebs. Just be warned, if you ain't a freak you ain't for me.

    4. BananaMash


      Freaks are where it's at anyway. We all want us a freak.

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  16. This year will be telling of his future as a top six option in my opinion. If he doesn't take a big step forward offensively in Utica I think his ceiling gets knocked down a peg.
  17. Is it wrong that I'm worried about Bo's contract now? These are some scary numbers being tossed around ...

    1. Baer.


      If I was Bo I would start at 5 years, 6.5 per as my top dollar.


      5 years would bring him to unrestricted free agency. But also in 5 years the cap will be much higher and the bar for players like him will be more around the 7M mark. Signing for 8 years would be foolish unless he gets that kind of money.

    2. CRAZY_4_NAZZY


      I'm actually more inclined to sign him a 4 year contract to retain him as a RFA and then go for the long term deal on him.


      The more years you buy from his UFA negotiating years will likely cost you a higher caphit which can be dangerous if he doesn't live up to that number.  Plus guys like Sutter will have finally come off his final year on his deal (if he isn't dealt before then) and you can use that money towards Bo.


      I would rather sign that kind of deal like a 4x4.75 or 4x5 contract to say okay you earned this but we want to see more too.


      As much as it makes me nervous and uneasy, its a good precedent to make for players going forward and future signings for our players.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      yes. his agent is just being an agent. probably waited for unsigned offer sheets as leverage. looking at comparables and also at a bit of intangible stuff like "C" material and being a local favourite, i think it'll be in the 6milx8year range, maybe 8 years 50 mil, something like that. 

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  18. Sounds like Tryamkin's Avalanche counterpart in Zadorov might be pulling a quick getaway as well. That sucks.

    1. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      Sooo the Avs' return on ROR now shakes out to be JT Compher, AJ Greer, and Cameron Morrison?



    2. Ghostsof1915


      I thought you typed in Zardoz, I'm like, what's Sean Connery got to do with anything? 

    3. Wilbur


      @S'all Good ManI believe there is a rule if you fail to sign a 1st round pick a team can get a compensatory pick in the 2nd round, so no harm in trying, especially late in the 1st round.  Otherwise, I agree, a bit of a risky proposition (with the "tweeners" at least, a lot of the high end Russian players tend to stay).

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  19. One of the two people who stood up in the bar and cheered. Pettersson is a stud.


    &^@# the haters.

    1. HI5


      It's easy to gain weight and strength at that age. How Swede it is!

    2. The Weasel

      The Weasel

      He's got some filthy hands. I hope everything works out for him. Him and dahlen can rip it up big time if all goes well. 

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      We gots two chances..Slim & Nill..hey, Slim's in town!

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  20. Watch Benning trade for Brouwer now ...

    1. LordCanuck


      watch benning trade everything for chris prongers ghost


    2. Odd.


      lol roster's frozen now

    3. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      Good ol' BC boy to give our third line some meat and potatoes.

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  21. No, I was watching the game and he simply isn't ready. Yes, I was watching the game and he is definitely ready. Maybe? Why don't you just wait and find out like the rest of us? Ugh. I haven't seen him play but judging by his stats he seems pretty $&!#. I haven't seen him play but his advanced metrics are really promising. Oh really? I love the SR22's. The last name Chatfield has bust written all over it. I'm not sure, what's the circumference of his head?
  22. RIP my first account. The alt will live on.

    1. Roger Neilsons Towel
    2. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      My first account strawberries rip, forgot the password on a side note I can't make status updates what gives CDC peeps 

    3. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      Go to your account options in your profile. Do you have status updates turned off?

  23. The things I read here ... 'He wasn't sent to the AHL to score.' Even if he was plugged in a defensive role for the entire year there is some expectation for a 6th overall pick to score.
  24. Seems like so long ago Dan Hamhuis was a Canuck, jeez.

  25. Oh to be young and feisty. I can't wait to draft our next core.

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