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  1. 6 minutes ago, Grape said:

    I don't want to give up Brock for emotional reasons as I love him as a player and person, but I wouldn't be mad if we got a lot value for him.


    If I had to bet on someone potentially declining in the following years, it would be Brock. His physical tools seem like they've diminished since his rookie year and may further do so of no fault of his own (injuries). And yet, he's maintaining a PPG pace as you said as a 22 year old. As a result, his value is EXTREMELY high, but as diehard fans who watch him every night, you can sort of tell that he's not necessarily the same player, and you can have a hint of doubt that he may not ever get his rookie year physical tools back. That makes him a player who you can potentially trade now, and look back and say: "wow we didn't expect that trade to turn out so well."


    Again, not advertising it for my own sentimental reasons and none of the above is definitive of course, but if we were to explore trades I wouldn't be mad either.

    If we can get a #1 RHD at a similar age I think we should do it too.

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  2. This year's been this weird steady trajectory of improvement in his game. It's like he had an ephinany regarding all things he should have been working on over the past few years.


    It's funny because he's on pace for 20 goals and I still find myself frustrated at his lack of finish. If he can put some work into that next offseason he's going to be a weapon. 

  3. What I gather from the brief summary of your relationship is that this aspect of her is the only real draining portion of your relationship, in which case I'd definitely advise you to at least take some serious steps towards trying to remedy the situation before you break up with her.


    Now, this isn't about reassuring her or making her feel good about herself to try and somehow goodwill her into being a more confident and assertive person. It's a big personality change that she needs to make in the way she approaches and treats other people. She needs to not only be willing to make this change but hold herself accountable for being the primary catalyst in changing. None of this should be on you because you won't be there to oversee every social interaction she has.


    It's hard to quantify changes like this so if you're up to it one suggestion I might have is to start bullet journalling together. It was one of ways I personally held myself accountable for making changes in my life that I believe helped me grow as person. Each day/week you can talk about your successes and failures in regards to the personal goals you set and it'll help keep you in the loop with her progress without having you take responsibility for her changes.


    Anyways, this was just my take on the matter. It's entirely understandable if you break up with her over not wanting to change because of the 'doormat' situation. That's a mentally exhausting thing to deal with as a partner and you'd probably grow resentful after a while because of it.


    All the best.

  4. Given Horvat's struggles I really think we should give him Miller and Pearson and give that line a chance to rekindle the pre-season chemistry. Pettersson and Boeser will find a way to produce regardless of line mates. Leivo's lacked finish but hasn't looked out of place in his brief stint.


    Leivo - Pettersson - Boeser

    Pearson - Horvat - Miller

    Baertschi - Gaudette - Virtanen

    Eriksson - Graovac - Schaller

  5. 2 hours ago, UticaHockey said:

    My take on Goldobin is that he has NHL talent but doesn't play a NHL game.  His playmaking skills are outstanding but he likes to slow the game down and play a deliberate possession game.  The NHL now is all about pace and Goldy doesn't play with a lot of pace.  He is dominating the AHL right now because his skill level is so high but I would like to see him play faster.


    On a positive note he has been hustling back hard on defense and has been used on the PK.

    I think the more pressing issue isn't that he particularly likes to slow the game down, it's that his puck skills and game sense struggle to keep up with an increase in pace. The mistakes he tends to pile up are of the 'split second decision' making variety. You would think that becoming accustomed to NHL speed would help that aspect of his game adapt but it just hasn't and it's hard to see it ever happening.

  6. 3 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

    Goldobin is racking up points in the AHL. So is Reid Boucher. Neither one has the ability to translate that to the NHL. They had their chances.  Neither one can play defence. That’s why they are in the AHL. 

    Yep, exactly. The issue with Goldobin is he doesn't play a game suitable for a bottom six role so it's top six or bust for him. To be a top six player in the NHL you have to be damn good at every aspect of the game, or at least elite in one.

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