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  1. 2 hours ago, Kanukfanatic said:

    Isn't reddit as bad as hf for Canuck and Canuck prospect info? I don't know personally....have never been to that site.

    People there are generally more casual fans, but they tend to be a lot more level headed than on hockey specific forums. At least in the Canucks subreddit.

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  2. 55 minutes ago, nuck-lifer said:


    Certainly don't see any sign of a trade and he definitely wont pass through waivers. Just have to wait it out for his confidence and consistency to kick in...


    The problem is Jake is just as content to wait for his own confidence and consistency to kick in since he's been gifted a roster spot for the last three years. 

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  3. So much to love about this team, but Virtanen is genuinely pissing me off now. The kid clearly hasn't worked on any of his deficiencies in the past two years. His on ice awareness and vision is god awful and the few times he does by some miracle attempt a pass it's either too hard or off the mark. Wouldn't be surprised if Ferland and Podkolzin were brought in because they saw the writing on the wall.


    Sad stuff, Virt literally fills the role of what this team needs the most if he could just find it in him to WORK HARD.

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  4. 56 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

    Goldobin seems to have better defensive awareness this preseason. And Virt has two goals. What are you expecting?

    A change in playing mentality, from what I've seen they've just gotten better at what they were already good at. Hard to put into words because I'm trying to describe my eye test for each one.


    Jake's finished plays off the rush using his speed,  which he was already good at. But he still tends to go invisible without the puck. Goldobin, while more active defensively is still a marshmallow in the board scrums. I don't see him willing to do the major grunt work required to win puck battles consistently. You don't have to be Chris Pronger to be physical.


    Again, maybe they're letting up because it's pre-season but I don't think they're in a position to not be putting their foot on the gas pedal.

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  5. Neither Goldobin nor Virtanen have shown any glimpses of progressing their overall game this preseason thus far, it's a bit disappointing but I'll reserve final judgement for the regalar season. Both still need to find a way to be putting in effort and getting themselves engaged without the puck.


    If we were able to ship them for picks at this point they wouldn't be sorely missed. 

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  6. On 7/23/2019 at 5:08 AM, Phat Fingers said:

    Gads has this year to bounce back.  Same with Lind.  


    Keppen is a beast and drives play.  Gads doesn't and didn't drive play.  


    Let's see what happens with Gads this season.  He likely had very specific areas to work on.  


    As for faking big guys.  We need big guys.  We need complimentary players for EP40 and Bo.  Guys that play the right way and can support the line drivers.  


    This team has taken a number of shots at the PF type player, this draft shows how high a priority it is for JB.  Podz is a PF player.  A 200ft PF.  Keppen was forecasted as Podz 2.0 in a scouting report I read.  


    That JB drafted both is telling.  


    Considering Zegras was our guy this year I wouldn't put too much stock in trying to forecast a player type Benning is keying in on.

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