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  1. Rathbone’s the least of our worries. This team’s been underperforming all over the place.
  2. Petey bent the club over with a monster bridge. This isn’t some rookie on an ELC anymore. With paydays come expectations.
  3. Is that arena new? It looks remarkably unremarkable considering it’s an expansion team.
  4. Not a fan of Green upplaying other teams to downplay our losses. We shouldn’t be losing 5-2 to Buffalo.
  5. An attitude would not be an excuse if it turns out that JB got fleeced in the trade. The trade is still tbd though.
  6. I’m throwing Pettersson’s name out there. For the kind of contract he signed, he should most definitely be held accountable for his production. Heck, Petey acknowledged it himself.
  7. Very impressed with Hoglander. He’s already good enough to be the play driver on his line.
  8. How long are Boeser, Sutter and Motte out for? That starting lineup looks spotty. Don’t even get me started on that defense I just hope we can outscore our opponents
  9. That’s because draft pedigree factors into Juolevi’s value, as is usually the case.
  10. I think we can all agree that Hunt is garbage. The fact that the difference between Juolevi and Hunt is so minimal says it all.
  11. Can’t believe some people are still pinning Juolevi not working out on Green. Whether you side with Rathbone or Juolevi, the fact of the matter is that a former 2016 5th overall pick was competing against a 2017 95th overall pick and couldn’t convincingly edge him out (and imo fairly lost the spot). I think instead of blaming Green, we need to do a better job of letting go of guys that aren’t cutting it.
  12. Apart from having to swallow our pride and admit that we picked a bust ahead of Tkachuk, we shouldn’t be worried about losing this guy either. Dude’s already 23 and still struggling to break into the line up.
  13. I feel like ever since we brought the Comets to Abby, we’ve been prioritizing proximity over everything. Closer isn’t always better. The Q has a pretty decent track record of producing offensive talent and I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to him going there.
  14. Draft position, for obvious reasons, is a big factor in the expectations that come with every player. Forsling has done well for where he was drafted. OJ hasn’t (at least not yet).
  15. Jonah Gadjovich has long been overhyped by this board. Posters shouldn’t be overreacting this badly.
  16. This is precisely what worries me. It’s all sunshine and rainbows now but he’s going to have mad leverage in 3 years time, especially given the $$$ of this bridge. It’ll be interesting to see how the club approaches that. But props to Pettersson and his agent for securing the the best deal possible for himself. I just hope Petey doesn’t come out with the “I’m a team player” mumbo jumbo later on.
  17. Love the Hughes deal. Question: has any player signed a more expensive bridge deal than Petey’s recently? JB seemingly likes to live life on the edge.
  18. Everything’s always so straight-forward when you cut out the context. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player given so many chances to succeed. If it weren’t for his draft position and the fact that Benning seemingly went all-in on the local golden boy gamble with his very first pick on the job, he would’ve already been forgotten ages ago.
  19. Hard to say whether OEL is better than Edler until we see which OEL we’re getting.
  20. Why do people always get all up in arms at criticism. The concerns on D are legitimate. Our success next season will depend on our D taking the next step. God forbid both our D and goalies struggle.
  21. Over/under on Jake milking the fact that he’s just signed in a non-extradition country? Seems like quite the glaring detail.
  22. There once was a time on this board where posters were prohibited from talking about Jake picking fights at The Roxy because it was considered slander. lol
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