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  1. NYR is a pretty wealthy franchise though. James Dolan and co can give themselves of luxury of cleaning house mid-pandemic. Not sure the Aquillinis are in the same position, especially given all the money crunch rumors that have been circulating recently.
  2. Having Benning take over scouting full time would be great, I think it would suit his strengths and interests, but he’d really have to swallow his pride to do something like that. Would be a massive downgrade for him.
  3. I would've liked to get rid of Jake even before this rumor broke out, but now I fear that they'll keep him because prematurely cutting ties with him would go against the whole notion of innocent until proven guilty and could make the org look bad. Also, we can forget about him being claimed in the expansion draft. Good luck getting the Kracken to voluntarily take on a PR nightmare.
  4. I also have a friend who’s still paying dearly from a false allegation, so I know it’s a tricky situation to maneuver. Unfortunately, as much as we like to parrot the “innocent until proven guilty” saying, we all know it’s not true. Jake will stop being demonized by society only if/when he proves his innocence.
  5. Let’s remember that the initial testimony was published on a private Instagram account where victims of sexual abuse could vent about their experiences. She didn’t come forward, somebody outed her experience, which makes it look less and less like a cynical slander situation. I agree on not coming to premature conclusions but it’s not a good look for Jake.
  6. Claiming that the Blackhawks won the trade because of Gaudette's goal is just as silly as claiming that the Canucks have won the trade because Gaudette sat his first few games. See what I did there? (Directed at no one in particular, but rather at some of the premature assertions that have been thrown around in GDTs).
  7. I didn’t hate Simmonds before. I do now. That was pretty low.
  8. Wasn't going there. Logically-speaking, you'd think that the three years where X team has their star players on ELCs should be the years with relatively higher cap flexibility. The fact that we're struggling to ice a competitive team because we're up against the cap (while having Pettersson and Hughes on ELCs) is a scary thought.
  9. Didn't I say that special teams have been underwhelming? Or did you skim over that part? Canucks could fire the assistant coaches tomorrow and I wouldn't have any complaints.
  10. I'd be hard-pressed to argue that the special teams haven't been underwhelming, because they have. Not sure I'd agree with the premise that we should be near the top of the league though, there's a lot of talent out there.
  11. Don’t think Green’s been that bad, personally. If he were losing with a good lineup I’d agree, but you can’t play a collection of players like Hawryluk, Highmore, Virtanen, MacEwan, Boyd and Vesey over a stretch of games and expect to consistently win at the NHL level. And this is with Hughes and Petey on the last years of their ELCs. This all keeps coming back to Jim Benning.
  12. This is sort of what happens when you ice this quality of line-up. What’s scary is that the only core guy who’s really missing is Pettersson. That’s it.
  13. This is why this forum scares me sometimes. There’s people out here who genuinely believe that expressing negative/disapproving opinions about the team is a bannable offense. This is why CDC is known as a cheerleading forum.
  14. Surely Vesey has more in the tank, no? Dude has been an outright anchor on his line.
  15. Goaltender interference saving Jake from looking absolutely clueless on that play.
  16. So Lind is playing tonight? Or will he be in the press box? If so, I wonder where he'd slot in.
  17. That was a legit penalty. Instead of blaming the refs, we need to be more careful of staying out of the box.
  18. Yikes! When’s the last time we had that rough of a line-up?
  19. In the United States, different states have different rules for the quarantine period. In NY, it's either 10 days if you don't test or a 7-day "non-mandated" quarantine if you test negative 36 hours before and after your trip. I'm sure Illinois is in the process of relaxing its own restrictions with how well mass vaccination is going in the US.
  20. Wat. So they're comparable because they both came from the NCAA? Jordan Schroeder never had "decent first steps". Not even going to ask why Gaudette was becoming a "redundant" player, he was probably the most unlucky of our forwards during the beginning of this season.
  21. Speaking of digging holes, I don’t think you’re getting your intended point across... Benning gave up McCann, a 2nd and a 4th for him, by far the most out of any GM. He then signed him to the deal of his career, a deal that has been passed on at diminishing value five times now. But hey, Fortunato had a decent season last year with the mighty Florida Everblades of the ECHL, right? Lol. Or maybe that 7th round pick turns into the next Lidstrom, no? lmao. There’s a reason even his most ardent supporters are quiet now. Take the L and move on.
  22. Not sure the Aquillinis have the stomach for a $6 million buy-out given the org's losses this past year. Louie's got a year left on his contract after this season. According to Benning, the team will not be running into any cap issues this coming off-season (a statement I hope the fans hold him accountable for), so I think the logical way forward is to just bite the bullet and let his contract run out.
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