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  1. If we just keep taking wide angle shots with no traffic, I'm sure out luck will change one day.
  2. Stand up comedy should be void of criticism unless it is said in a hateful way. Its very clear most the time what is a joke and what serious because its all jokes.
  3. I did like his game a lot in his final year in the WHL, but not sure he has been able to show he can play at the NHL level. Could be worth a look until Motte or Sutter comes back.
  4. Yeah Im hoping they use him more in that role as well. Seems weird not having one guy on each side just rifling shots, both have elite shots I wouldn't be suprised to see both of them pot 30-35 goals this year. Canucks PP can be predictable at times. Danila looks very good so far, hope he keeps it up.
  5. You sure he didnt just mean at this level (AHL)?
  6. Im pretty sure he was drafted as a center.
  7. My concern would be will he be able to maximize his offensive potential with Dickinson as his center or would Pearson be better suited for a meat and potatoes type checking line while popping in the some goal here or there.
  8. I personally dont think he just looks good because he is playing down the lineup, I think for the next one-two years Hoglander is going to be a very underrated player due to his size. His training and work ethic are elite, and I think it will start to show that these arent just one-off performances. Eventually they will have no choice but to play him in the top 6. If you look at his NHL stats for his age they are elite (equivalent to easily a top 10 pick). Below are the top 6 NHL scoring players from the 2019 draft: #1 New Jersey Devils Jack Hughes (F) 117 18 34 52 #2 New York Rangers Kaapo Kakko (F) 115 19 21 40 #3 Chicago Blackhawks Kirby Dach (F) 83 10 23 33 #40 Vancouver Canucks Nils Höglander (F) 57 13 16 29 #7 Buffalo Sabres Dylan Cozens (F) 41 4 9 13 #9 Anaheim Ducks Trevor Zegras (F) 25 3 10 13
  9. Yeah he is rolling right now, he needs more minutes, currently in preseason and first game Hoglander>Miller. I would try: Hoglander - Pettersson - Boeser Miller - Horvat - Garland Pearson - Dickinson - Podkolzin Highmore - Lammikko - Chiasson Just until Miller gets going.
  10. I dont think our depth is that great, we are having a tough time icing a full team of NHL'ers at the moment. We lost McEwen and Gadj this week which are huge blows to our depth call ups and toughness. If we can get Sutter, Motte, and Hamonic back things will be looking a lot better though.
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