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  1. Yeah add in the fact that 1/2 the people in Surrey don't know how to drive, and you have a fun commute.
  2. I would assume he would be a LW when in the line up. Hopefully he can become Motte 2.0
  3. You mean like how the BC hydro infrastructure already does, that open diagonal path going through the middle is power lines and giant BC hydro towers. You would just have to cross the street to get to the south end of the park. Surrey is the second biggest population in BC and rapidly growing, traffic becoming real issue. Side note Bear Creek Park has always be a hot spot for assualt/sexual assualt over the years as there are many unlit areas of the park.
  4. Look at a map, 84th Avenue barely touches Bear Creek park.
  5. A good Gm could have wheeled and dealed. Even by not signing Jake they would have had the money. Chose to have 6 third liners make 3 million each over a legit top six making 4.5 million
  6. Yeah it was, trade Pearson sign Toffoli. Not rocket science.
  7. If we are picking in the top 10 we should keep pick, after the top then there is a bit of a drop off though. I would be ok trading down from 11th on, if they are not high on someone like Sillinger, Lambos, or Lysell.
  8. Bold Prediction 2022-23 Canucks win the Stanley Cup 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      EA is on the same level of a former #11 of the Vancouver Canucks in terms of scum.


      **** EA.

    3. -AJ-


      Bolder prediction--they win in 2022.


      I don't actually think it will happen, but I do expect a bounce back.

    4. Bure_Pavel


      Hard to win the cup with 10 million dead cap

  9. Great player in college was very highly regarded prospect but has underwhelmed in the NHL so far, at least has way more skill than Virtanen and the rest of of bottom six "grinders".
  10. Just scoop Grigorenko, whats the worst that will happen at this point. No one in our bottom 6 can create offense.
  11. Dumba's a good right handed physical two way D man. Only issue is im not sure we could afford his cap hit.
  12. I dont think Tampa protects 4 Dmen but who knows, losing Dumba for nothing is a hard blow to take, and Philly still has Ghost and Haag too that need protection, but they may be willing to part ways with them.
  13. I would settle for Cal Foote as well.
  14. Lightning, Flyers, and Wild are teams I would be talking to about maybe shedding a RD before expansion. Philippe Myers, Dumba, and Cal Foote are all unlikely to get protected.
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