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  1. Yeah tough to say what happens with him, his Q contract may be void as he was unable to enter the country. If that was the case with a contract in the Q, I dont the the AHL would even be a discussion. I haven't heard Canucks management say AHL is not a option. Q is probably the way to go though as Abby has a deep team and he need to adapt to NA hockey.
  2. Jim usually doesn't like doing stuff like this, but if Rathbone wins the spot. I would still send him to the AHL, gift the spot to Juolevi, then trade Juolevi for asset in the first month to recoup assets and bring Rathbone up.
  3. Then that's probably the move unless Abby can get him at least 12-15 mins a night consistently.
  4. While I think the Q would be a great development path with lots of ice time. AHL may be the better option due to the coaches and resources they will have now that they are in Abby. If he is playing fourth line limited minutes he is probably better off in the Q, the only issue is if he goes to the Q does he have to wait until he is 20 to play in Utica full time?
  5. He has done a really great job this offseason, but I would argue signing Hughes and Petey to long term deals is the most important item on that list. So if he can get those done he gets an A grade from me, but if doesn't get both of them locked up long term on team friendly contracts probably looking at a C+ imo.
  6. I dont agree with Hamonic in the bad category, I actually really like the signing. The reason the other two I would agree could be labeled bad because even though they are a "wait and see how they play", the long term of the two contracts with the uncertainty of how they will perform here creates too much cap risk for the organization. Thus can be considered bad moves for the long term success of the team.
  7. I we are in a good spot in the standings come trade deadline, that would be the time to add some depth.
  8. In my opinion both guys are border line top 6 forwards getting close to thirty (equivalent on out team is a Pearson type player, both are probably slightly better). More of complimentary players who values are inflated because of who they played with last year. The money is more than they are worth, but the term is god awful. Imagine giving Pearson a 4.5-5 million X 7 year contract. Guaranteed buyouts at some point in my opinion. Hyman deal is slightly better because Edmonton is desperate to perform to keep McDavid from walking. Hyman should be able to put up decent p
  9. Stecher signed a two year 1.7 million per year contract as a UFA? The season before he had 17 points in 69 games and was a plus player in the regular season and playoffs.
  10. Prediction: Has two good years, a meh third year, gets bought out in 4th year.
  11. Canucks have to be careful who they are giving term too, or we will end up in a similiar position as before. Demko and Garland are the only members of the core moving forward locked in long term. Maybe OEL too depending on longevity. Right now the only players signed for the 2023-24 season are Myers 6 mil will be over 30 years old OEL 7.26 mil will be over 30 years old Pearson 3.25 mil will be over 30 years old Garland 4.95 mil Poolman 2.5 mil will be over 30 years old Demko 5 mil
  12. Nice contract for a bottom pairing Dman, just saying
  13. He definitely ok'd the pick and now is back pedaling. Grow a spine, if you are going to select the kid stand by your pick.
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