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  1. Owen Power looks legit. already 6'5 215 at 17 years old. Maybe Pronger lite?
  2. Canucks should 100% sign Bowey to a deal at 1 million or under. Good skating RD that can lay the body and entering his prime. played 51 games for the Caps the year they won the cup (no playoff games). Played for the Rockets, so I would assume he has fond memories of BC. Seems like a no brainer. Elder Schmidt Hughes Myers Juolevi Bowey Benn Rafferty
  3. He showed real promise as a LW in Montreal, likely has some issues.
  4. Haha I hope Button is right and he is a cross between Steve Yzerman and Patrick Kane , but like you im not going to hold my breath for a six round pick to become an elite #1 center.
  5. He is a right D prospect that played for team USA in multiple tournaments. Someone was going to take a chance on him, makes sense it being the team with nothing to lose. Hopefully he truly has learned from his mistakes and is a better human being.
  6. The main question still surrounding the team, is which team will eliminate them in the first round next year?
  7. Probably signed for cheap so he can enjoy the extra long summer vacations they get in Toronto.
  8. Would like to see some significant development, We used the " hes still young/late birthday" excuse with Virtanen for too long. The 15th and 20th overall picks from this year (2020) are outproducing him in the KHL and ones a two way Dman.
  9. A nice addition, a good energy guy that can lay the body and has shown flashes of scoring touch. Had a pretty dominant last year of junior in the WHL as well.
  10. The plus would be at least a 1st maybe a prospect too.
  11. I think we have different definitions of playing well. This bum shouldnt play another game for the Nucks.
  12. I honestly think there are better players to take his spot, it wouldn't just be out of spite. He needs to take a few bus rides this year.
  13. Only way a buyout makes sense is if Benning has a hot deal in place pending cap space at the time.
  14. He scored 26 points in 46 points with three separate teams last year. Jagr was still producing until he was 45 and is still playing in Czech probably just slayin as usually.